2009 BMW 7-Series exposed early

2009 BMW 7-Series exposed early

Photos of the all-new 2009 BMW 7-Series have hit the web before its upcoming official launch. The new model looks strikingly better than the outgoing blob, which can truly be called the ugliest sedan in the history of BMW.

Engines will include a 326 hp turbo inline-6 and a 400 hp turbo V8, derived from motors that already run under the X6’s bonnet.

Available in two wheelbase lengths, the golden one is the longer version, and the black one is standard -length.

The suspension now consists of a double-wishbone front and multilink rear setup, and offers active damper settings such as comfort, normal, sports and sports-plus.

Interesting new features include upgraded active steering, now extended to all four wheels, depending on speed.

Other features include night-vision, lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, updated iDrive computer, rear screens and in-car internet.

The overall design is based on the CS Concept shown last year, which most thought would become a “four-door” coupe. As is, this car is bound to be a massive hit, considering the awful old one.

What do you think?



  1. hmm it looks slightly better than the old one…still hate the exterior designs of almost all new bmws. if the steering color matched that of the dash or seats it probably would have looked better. it’s just a personal choice i guess.

  2. nice options but still too complicated to be owned…it will have too many problems as i think…but the interior in general looks so good…the exterior is ugly..and am with CB about the steering color

  3. I loved BMWs new designs. I guess that stopped after the X6. That must be the last Good-looking beemer for sometime now cuz this isnt really… er… a car for a bussinessman. Would ya look at that grile!!! and what material is that on the steering wheel! to cut it short, Its a thumbs down from me. All the new beemers looked beuatiful and I had big expectations for this one too but… 🙄 😕 😥

  4. i like the new info and all but mash when are you gonna start reviewing vehicles again cos its been stuck on the Toyota aurion for like ever!! a car which i dislike very much i might add..

  5. i like I6 engines!

  6. Wooohoo ! American In-dependence day !

    I love all cars BMbablu..this one is a looker..
    Its standard BM interiors but man it looks sick !! I love it.

  7. Author

    I spent the last few days tweaking the pages. I’ve kept on top of the big news items though, namely this one.

  8. 😈 not impressed i was waiting for the new 750li but after seeing this i just went and made booking for sclass which is much much better than the new bmw,…

  9. i wouldnt call the current ugly. instead it made a benchmark for the other autocarmakers to copy. Considering the S class of merc the current one’s much better & BMW 7 for 09 is pleasing to see!

  10. striking car,but a little pricey.not everyone can afford it.chrysler 300c better looking. 😀

  11. No one can judge now…You all have to wait and see it live in November….Its just new..You have to get used to it.

  12. Side view front seems like is cut off 🙄

  13. I od not like the rear lights and interior looks similar like before

    Any idea when the new A8 will be revealed?

  14. looks like an Infiniti….

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