All-new 2009 Kia Forte revealed

All-new 2009 Kia Forte revealed

The unloved Kia Cerato is on its way to the grave. Not a bad car overall, it just couldn’t compete with the usual Japanese appliances. So much so that Kia has completely redesigned their new compact offering, now calling it the Forte.

The 2009 Kia Forte is an interesting effort, looking better than the Hyundai Elantra from which it is obviously derived. Engines will most likely be carryovers from the existing Spectra, namely a 1.6-litre and a 2.0-litre.

What do you think?



  1. the car looks OK
    but it looks like one of honda models from the front
    the back has some similarities with lexus IS
    i dont know…maybe am wrong

  2. Rear door luks like previous model mazda 6.

  3. A good effort despite minor similarities to some of the Japs.

  4. Manthe headlights r from the Honda civic…rear lights from the Luxus IS…It looks like it has the same chassis like the Mitsubishi Lancer….If u look at the third pic,the trunk looks like the Honda City…Due to financial problems Kia get parts from all the other japanese car manufacurers and put them all in one car…copy/paste

  5. those are some pics for the coming maxima while testing in Ras Al-khimah..all the pics were from the back because the guy was driving …you will notice the car have a dubai number plate.

  6. It looks somewhere between an Acura TSX and a Lexus IS.

  7. yes rivo u r rite…1st look i also felt the same…it looks more like a sqeezed version of TSX…

  8. Kia is ahead of honda in global sales! which puts Kia on 5th position and with this forte and many other new cars they’ll overtake ford [4th place] in 3-4 years cuz ford’s sales are going down bad and Kia is redesigning and launching fresh models for 2008-09!
    Anyway, the headlights looks like a longer version of civic’s and the tail lights, a bulkier version of lexus IS. The way its designed, it seems as if Kia wants to put it up against Lancer and Impreza. And as I’ve heard, the engines wont be a carry over of the current engines. New engines with better horse power will be available. The new 1.6 will be just 6 hp lower than the hp of the current 2.0. Also, Kia will launch a coupe version of this car a few months after its launch, in 2009, which will get a turbocharged 2.0L.

  9. BTW, here’s a list of top ten sellers in Autos [thats global sales]

    1. Obviously Toyota
    2. GM [Hummer cadilac etc]
    3. Volks… OK… VW!
    4. Ford [keeps going down…]
    5. Hyundai-Kia [goign up very fast]
    6. Honda
    7. Nissan
    8. PSA/Peugeot
    9. Chrysler
    10. Fiat [probably here cuz of the fiat 500]

  10. Kia will have good sales if they keep the same prices.And Kia should give one big thank you to Mitsubishi for the styling token from the new lancer 😉

  11. can anyone tell me about the performance of Kia Cerato,

  12. as u ppl said, some IS from back and civic front
    but if it will be with same old price, thats great
    ppl, any one has an idea when it will be in UAE???

  13. I have no idea whats taking so long. its sppsed to be on sale ryt now but it isnt. while in US its already on sale… shud be on sale soon latest by august cuz i’ve seen the car on trailers in sharjah

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