Renault-Dacia Logan gets minor facelift

Renault-Dacia Logan gets minor facelift

The Romanian-built Dacia Logan was launched in 2004, under the ownership of Renault, as an ultra-cheap car for Eastern Europe, which later became a hit in places like Brazil, Iran and even Western Europe. Renault even showed off the car, badged as a Renault Logan, at the 2007 Dubai Motor Show, but we never heard any more about it after that. We believe Renault’s GCC operations are seriously considering bringing this car here, although it would end up competing with their own outdated Clio Classic. Before it could even make it here, the original European version has been given a facelift.

Among the 1.4-litre and 1.6-litre engine offerings, the most power on offer is 105 hp. Airbags are optional in most markets, while common power accessories are not even available. The most noticeable features on the latest model are a new grille and a redesigned dashboard.

The original version, which started at 6,000 euros, caused some controversy back in the day, when the respected German ADAC motoring club managed to flip one while swerving at 65 kph.

It later turned out that the tyres were actually heavily worn out from previous testing.

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  1. really ugly like the clio. Talk about frech designing skills! 😛

  2. Ugglier than a Fiat Multipla, but extremely fun to drive.

  3. i have one of them

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