2009 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Edition

2009 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Edition

While the overdone SLR McLaren is finally going out of production, Mercedes-Benz is putting out the SL65 AMG Black Edition to take its place for a while. Powered by a twin-turbo 6.0-litre V12, it is one serious performance machine, even if it only comes with an automatic transmission.

The turbo V12 makes 661 hp at 5400 rpm, while torque is limited to 999 Nm. Weight has been reduced by adding a carbon-fibre bonnet, fenders and trunk, along with deleting the retractable hard-top in favour of a fixed carbon-fibre roof with an integrated roll cage. Weighing in at 1874 kg, the car can do the 0-100 kph run in 4 seconds, with a top speed of 318 kph.

A total of seven vents spread about the front end are used as air intakes for V12. The standard gearbox is a 5-speed automatic with AMG Speedshift software. The car also comes with a retractable rear spoiler for high-speed stability.

The interior is largely similar to the standard SL65 AMG, with the most noticeable differences being the heavily-bolstered racing seats.

Priced at US$ 320,000 in the United States, expect local prices to be closer to Dhs 1.3 million. The car is debuting at the upcoming 2008 Paris Auto Show.

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  1. not worth buying…..1.3 million

  2. For a car costin 1.3 million.. isnt a 0-100 time of 4 secs a lil disappointing?

  3. hehehehe are u serious man…
    1.3 million what…
    this car has a 6 liters engine and a turbo charging system and its giving 750 hp before reducing to 661…this is Sh*t..give it to porsche and look what they will do…i think they are gettin infected from the american manufacturers…

  4. super car but its price so high.corvette zr1 is close to it,so y buy merc sl65?

  5. love that hot and sexy car…
    price kill me

  6. Ferrari F430 or Merc SL65 AMG Black
    Price almost similar

  7. Ouch, killer lookin machine! beeeauuuty! :mrgreen:

  8. 320,000$.. why?.. Looks nice and everything.. but not worth the money..

  9. for 660hp ,0 to 100 (4 SECONDS) IS slow and the top speed of 318 is less.the z06 which is 505 hp does the o to 100 time in 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 320 kmh.Dissaponting from mercedes.

  10. Considering the price does kill most of us. This car is real monster. Forget 0-100, Check 100-300 km and you will know why it is such a high price. The body styling is more like SLR and the new CLK63 Black.

  11. Just some quick points to say to the people moaning:

    Yes, it does have a low horsepower figure, but the engine requires much more torque in order to keep it reliable and shift the car due to it being quite heavy in comparison to others.

    0-60 – 4 secs is not bad at all BUT this car will absolutely kill any other production car from 50-200MPH I can garauntee it.

    It stil gets me why people judge cars on their 0-60 times. This car isnt a stop and go drag racer ffs. 60 should be the minimum speed you should be going IMO ;)then you won’t be moaning about the low torque.

  12. DO U all excect this to be a bullet?? its a market world u can just kick in withe merc that is 1000 hp and dose to 60 in 3 seconds or less..
    every one is gonna ll be runnin for this car, comperisson to ZO6 merc is way higher sepcs almmost the same Z is better true but c’mon its MERCEDES FOR CRIST SAKE!!!!!! Ill bet anything that merc handels better than Z06, same thing Honda civic type R or S u can put SPOON engine or MUGEN technology in it but u payin for the name!! same thing here. but yo siriously guys THIS CAR IS SICK love the desighn!!!!!

  13. Mercedes can try all they want, they will never have a ferrari killer! Why would anyone pass up on the f430 and get a glorified SL class?

  14. SL BLACK is phenomenal but wy not purchase a Ferrari ENZO? CMon man no comparison..

  15. Why buy the Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Edition???
    I`ll pay the 1.3M for the standard SL65 AMG… and the 4M for the Black…
    My Reason for this… Firstly It`s a STUNNING car, Secondly, it`s a 6.2L V12 Biturbo… Which the Nm has been electronicaly governed at 1000Nm, and the top speed also electronicaly governed at 320 K/h.
    Thirdly it`s a Mercedes Benz and carries their lifetime reputation of Peformance, Sportyness, Comfort, Relyability.

  16. are you serious ? why would you buy yank rubbish that cant take a corner to save its life and about as reliable as a dead chicken ?!

  17. I just bought one!!

  18. yo soy el amante mas amante del mercedes sl65 black deition o series

  19. Question….why don’t you buy an F430?
    Answer…because driving a new Ferrari you look like an idiot. Classic Ferraris are the only ones that are cool. Fact.

    They’re lovely looking cars but they’re flashy, grotesque and completely OTT. Mind you, that’s Dubai. I’d rather save my money and get a used SLR or a DBS.

    AMG Black is nice – but its just a wannabe McLaren.

  20. Their is a video of all the fast cars in youtube. In which they compared and lot of car. SL65 Black series did 349 km when the track was at the end.

    Same track ZR1 did 339 Km.

  21. Poor souls…by now you should have realized that THE BEST CAR MANUFACTURER is Mercedes, not just Mercedes but the germans as all…well Lambo’s are good too, but that’s not the point 😉

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