Porsche progresses in Transsyberia rally

Porsche progresses in Transsyberia rally

The little-known Transsyberia rally from the Russian capital of Moscow to the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar is being heavily promoted by Porsche, so much so that they custom-built a set of Cayenne S Transsyberia models to compete in the rally. Unlike the WRC, these road-legal vehicles are closer to their showroom counterparts. Though some other vehicles are also running the rally, the Cayenne-driving teams are getting the most publicity through international Porsche online advertisements (though none on this website). Unsurprisingly, they are also currently leading the 2008 rally, which has already reached its fourth leg.

Competitors had a lengthy wait for the results of the third special stage. Only at the end of the fourth leg did Sergey Kvashnin and Alexey Pavlovskiy of Team Russia 2 learn that they were the fastest in their Cayenne on the 10 km special stage, the shortest of the whole rally. Twelve seconds behind was Armin Schwarz and Andreas Schulz from Team Germany 1 in second, again in a Cayenne. With this result, the pair further reduced the gap to the leading Team Portugal by around seven seconds. Antonio Tognana and Carlo Cassina from Team Italy followed just eight-tenths of a second behind. Among the Porsche contenders is also Team Qatar.

Due to severe thunderstorms the fourth special stage had to be cancelled. The loamy ground had become so soft that even the doctors’ special all-terrain emergency vehicles were in danger of getting stuck. For security reasons the organisers decided not to start the stage.

On 15th July, the fifth of a total of 14 legs through West Siberia from Tyumen to Omsk runs over 672 km, with a special stage of 50 km. The Transsyberia Rally started on 11th July on Moscow’s Red Square and finishes on 25th July in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar after a total of over 7000 km.

Incidentally, Porsche now has a new PR manager for this region, and she sent us a “Transsyberia” gift, consisting of a Swiss Army knife and a compass. Maybe we’ll push our luck later and ask for test-drive cars.

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  1. those are some pics for the FX 50S and the 35 in AD ALMasood dealer
    by the same guy who own one of the GTRs in AD
    have a look and enjoy: later there will be a video and more pics:

  2. Author

    The FX press launch is on the 27th of this month.

  3. man……
    now am getten confused!!!!! 😕 😕 😕
    whats happening here???
    is this gona happen??: take alook at those pics that were taken in Al Qooz(industrial zone):
    please try to find whats wrong with those cars:

  4. give me UR opinion about this video mash 😉

  5. Author

    Those Nissan Teana photos really are confusing. The Renault/Samsung is an old Teana. These are the new redesigned Teana. And then there are the stories of the Maxima coming here. Notice that the Teanas are all white. Taxis maybe?

  6. nice video but what exactly is the point? there are many cars out there that are faster than the gtr in a straight line.

  7. mash….what about the video???
    is what CB saying true???
    am not talking about many cars..am talking about the Z06 specifically…waiting.
    CB: what do you think about the Z06…what about when they started from 0 with launch control(GTR)!!!!!

  8. Author

    As I said before, the GT-R is too easy to drive, with computers doing everything. Some reviews also say that Nissan recommends not using launch control too many times. The GT-R is a great car and is now the top sports car ever made, but it hides a driver’s real skill. Ultimately, a Z06 is probably more fun to drive due to its low-tech nature.

  9. i would have thought the GT-R would be faster than the Z06 but according to the video it is not. i would assume the Z06 is modified. but as i said before it does not matter whether the GT-R can beat the Z06 in a straight line. the important thing is, it would embarrass the Z06 around a circuit.

    this is because the Z06 is more of a driver’s car while the GT-R is more of a car that most can drive fast easily.

    if those two drivers were racing around a circuit, you would see the Z06 driver having to using all his skills to take the car to it’s limit and to keep it there while the GT-R driver would hardly be breaking a sweat. the car is that easy to drive apparently.

  10. Well atleast GTRs will keep amateur rich folks from spinning out while trying to show off in public, right? 😉

  11. Author

    So the Z06 won the “race” in the video? I skipped through it. Couldn’t see anything, and it was boring. I assumed GT-R won. Theoretically, it should.

  12. man^^^ 😕
    thats why i was asking you
    its known that the GTR is very strong but why it lost against the Z06 even from standstill with launch control>>>and you can see that the gtr driver repeated the start twise>>>>which means even the car is not easy to control. of course not harder than Z06. and the problem is not with a small distance..its as if U a racing an altima with a sunny. 😯
    so when you are saying ‘theoretically’ U mean from the data of each car???? 😕

  13. Author

    Since Nissan said not to use launch control too much, I can only think that the GT-R owner used it too much and has killed something in the car by now. It is already a fact that AWD cars put a lot of stress on the drivetrain (due to too much traction) compared to RWD cars, which can release excess power through wheelspin. The GT-R owner has obviously been abusing the car.

  14. here you go thatsit http://www.roadandtrack.com/assets/download/0508_ct_GTRZ06911_chart.pdf

    the gt-r should be slightly ahead until 112 km/hr after which the z06 will start pulling ahead slowly. so like mash said im guessing the owner has abused the launch control and it no longer performs well.

  15. thanks dude

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