2009 Mitsubishi Nativa gets total redesign

2009 Mitsubishi Nativa gets total redesign

Mitsubishi is planning to unveil the 2009 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport at the Moscow Auto Show, of all places. The Pajero Sport is just another name for the pickup-based Mitsubishi Nativa that has been soldiering on unchanged for ages now.

The new Nativa replacement will aim for the “active lifestyle” market as the standard Pajero has moved upscale. Features include a 3.5-litre V6, water-repellent seats, two or three rows of seating, and a waterproof luggage compartment. Also standard will be Mitsubishi’s Super Select 4WD system.

The styling is certainly attractive, being a cross between the Mitsubishi L200 pickup, a Pajero and an Outlander. It will come to Dubai and the UAE by the end of 2008, and be renamed the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

For the latest prices, specs and info, visit the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport buyer guide.

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  1. another pickup derived SUV like fortuner n xterra…it looks more like L200 pick up….

  2. tooooo much similiar to fortuner i guess

  3. the car is OK but i feel its level above the ground is too much…maybe for offroading usage..lets wait for it and see…mitsubishi suvs are very strong as offroaders.

  4. real cool car,but it looks like Toyota Fortuner.i prefer to buy Fortuner

  5. Fortuners 4.0 engine is the only thing gud about it . Interiors are cheap . If you can spend more money then buy PRADO , its worth the buy!!

  6. New NATIVA is refreshing to look .Hope pricewise its gud as well .Fortuners 4.0 engine is the only thing gud about it . Interiors are cheap . If you can spend more money then buy PRADO , its worth the buy!!

  7. The xterra is not entirely derived from a pick up, it uses the same platform which is the F-Alpha, used by many of nissans trucks.Where as vehicles like the fortuner and the nativa have been developed along side eachother, basically remove the L200 or hilux body and bolt on a nativa or fortuner body. Vehicles like the Xterra have been enginered using the F-Alpha platform, Thats why it is good on the road(more stable compared to one of these nativas) as well as a superb off roader.

  8. nice car.. hope price is less

  9. previous nativa was really bad..wonder if this one any better..and isnt Fortuners made in Indonesia or something? Poor dudes who think they got a Japanese car..

  10. previous nativa was really bad on power…but frm my experience it was kinda good on handling…yeah fortuner is made Thailand…

  11. This one’s much better than the old boring nativa. The front’s quite similar to the L200. I wonder if it will be assembled in japan or not


  13. Dear Sir,
    The above mentioned car is new Nativa 2009, when it will be launched in UAE market.
    Is it possible for you to send me some more photographs of new Nativa 2009.
    What about the cost factor for new Nativa2009?

    Look forward to hear from you.

  14. Dear Sir
    The above car is branded as Pajero Sport.Will this model replace the existing Pajero in UAE or is it actually the new Nativa, which means that the existing Pajero will stay as it is – ofcourse minor changes may be there in the 09 model.Any ideas about that…

  15. Author

    Both will likely stay on side-by-side.

  16. I’m wondering if they are going to launch the 3.200 deisel engine. Its the most powerful enging in its class.

    The design is pretty good, looks better than toyota fortunre. It looks like real 4X4 for the hard missions.

    Price factor should be reasonable.

  17. isssssssssssss too similar , that outlarnder…….the 2006… was the best

  18. My old nativa has a better look than this. This looks like a clonned verion of outlander and pajero, nothing muscular of its own….

  19. visita wave is more ugli dan da nativa 2009 in panama

  20. It’s much better in look than the 2008. When is it going to be introduced in the U. A. E???

  21. the new look is good it will do well in the market but looks like the pick-up.flashy is the word and it will give thew like of fortuner outlander xtrail a run for their money

  22. This is nativa at its best,its going to kill most the better known brands from the market. I hope they have ample stocks.

  23. kiran brother how cud this 4 wheel drive kill Known brands from the market, i swear m laughing like hell now, even Fortuner looks more good than this So called Dumb BOX, Which other 4wheel are u talkin about” toyota land cruiser its the King of the desert ” , Buy this nativa and drive in desert Iam sure after 1 year u wud see urself in Sharjah to sell it.. there is no brand which u can compare with this 4into 4 , i dont know who will waste his money on this car.. Anyways choice is choice!!

  24. Well i think its here in the GCC now as it is shown in the dealer website of Saudi arabia this is the link to it

    But does any one know when it will launch???

  25. ๐Ÿ˜ณ pueso ami no me pareze tan bacana yo tengo na mejor

  26. So Nice, I will replace my Nativw 2008 by 2009

  27. wow, amazing model of mitsubishi hope that the suspension is better thantoyota fortuner. ๐Ÿ˜†

  28. i will please appreciate as much information as u can provide about the new Nativa. ๐Ÿ™„

  29. ๐Ÿ˜› me la acabo de comprar .. estaaa lindisimaaaaaaaaaa

  30. Any one can translate or tell what the hell Claa is saying…..???? ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ก

  31. ๐Ÿ˜† Iยดm just buying one Nativa, it looks waoo…

    Translation of comment No. 30 – I just bought one Nativa, itsssss preciousssss

  32. Author

    Hehe. Thanks for the dubbing.

  33. Well Nativa looks more better in the real pictures.

    It looks realy nice on 20″-24″ rims. well i got a nativa 3.2 DI-D because it was more cheaper than the 3.0 DI-D fortuner. I think the fortuner cost about 3,000USD more.

    Nice thing about this nativa rear 2nd and 3rd row seat can 98% fold flat:)

    (i wish they would make a pajero exterior with nativa interior, with the price of a nativa) ^^

  34. I have seen old nativa in kenya at simba colt mombasa. A good car with leather seats . Dont know about handling and wonder do you call this vehicle a real 4*4 or a suv .Please let me know
    am confused.

  35. why this fools are imposing pajero,nativa should be nativa on road.not pajero sport.think of nativa users.you guys are making fun of us.
    hope for nativa re-entry in market with full stretch,so as we could get 1 and be proud

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