Letters: Opinions on what to buy

Letters: Opinions on what to buy

This flame-surfaced Caprice from Abu Dhabi is for sale, and it has to be the most interesting vehicle listed in our upgraded classifieds. I don’t know anything more about that particular car, but keep those letters coming in if you have questions about what to buy.

Ziad Chabala says: Hi, thanx for your interesting site, I intend to buy Hyundai Tucson V6 full option I have 2 questions – I heard a lot about the faux Tucson Leather, and you have mentioned in this site what does it mean it is not a leather ! or it is a leather but it is not pure 100% ? How come Hyundai do this! Do you know if Tucson V6 full option got ESP ( Electronic Stability Program) in its options? I have asked a sales man in Hyundai showroom and he could not answer my question. Regards.

Do not worry about the fake leather too much. Every car below Dhs 150,000 has fake leather. In most cases, fake leather also lasts longer, with little care needed. Reading the specs on Hyundai’s website, it looks like the Tucson does not have ESP. The all-wheel-drive system should still keep you safe to a certain extent, so go for 4WD instead of the 2WD model. – MHC

Chris says: Hey, after reading your review on the 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee, I’m seriously considering getting one – but as u say its tough to find one with the service history etc etc…I’m kinda new here (my family was here in the early 90’s and then we moved to Qatar – and now I’m back – working in RAK) and I have just passed the road test so got me license and itching to drive! Umm would you be kind enough to let me know where I could find one thats worth the money…I’ve been reading ur article while in doha and rather like ur attitude esp some of the rants (no pun) ya so do drop me a line n help me to get that jeep! Thanks.

The best thing you can do is go through the newspaper classifieds. That’s what I did for a long time. Some will ask for too much, but if you can wait them out, they usually come down in price when they realise they are asking too much. The only ones I found at used car markets were American-spec ones, which should be avoided at all costs, so just look for individually-owned ones. However, being in RAK, I think your search will be much harder, as most of the deals are probably in Dubai and Sharjah, but good luck. – MHC

Nitin says: Hi. I would to like get some information about VW Tiguan, regarding its engine specifications and performance, interiors and exteriors. Would also appreciate if you could tell me the cost of it. And the cost of VW R32. The other point i would like to notify is regarding the Land Rover LR2. on this site u have specified the price range upto 145000 AED, been to the showroom last evening they quoted 162000 AED. Thank you.

Hi. Prices are rising rapidly nowadays due to inflation, and I cannot keep track of them. As for VW, avoid them to avoid future repair headaches. – MHC

Chris Nil says: I would like to tell you that this site is a very good one because not many sites give a unbiased view on the cars that are in the market. It would actually be nice if you would update this site on a regular basis. As in, some of the prices are a little off from what i ve checked personally, lets say for example, the Honda Civic starts at 68,000/- unlike the info you have. I am really looking forward to picking a car and such details do make a difference.I like this site and it would be great if you could do site updates regularly. Hoping that you will do so. Keep up the good work too!!!

As you know, inflation is being blamed for rising prices, and all car prices seem to be changing monthly. As a result, it is impossible for me to spend time looking up prices for 300 different models monthly. The guide will have to remain as is for now, and be used as a reference for specs rather than prices. – MHC

Anil says: The 2009 model of Honda MRV has already been launched in the US. Do u have any idea of its introduction in UAE?

There is no news on the new MR-V. I’d say it’ll come right after the end of summer. – MHC

Ed Hald says: Hello, I’m thinking of purchasing a GS430, but I’m hesitant as I heard Lexus may introduce the GS460 to the Middle East soon. Any idea if this is true? Regards.

The Lexus GS460 was introduced in other markets this year, so it is possible the new model will come here also soon. You should probably wait if you want the larger engine. – MHC

Tons more letters are coming in nowadays that will be published later. But I’ve personally replied to all of them already. So keep sending in your letters by clicking here!

What do you think?



  1. ok guys…today i spotted the Nissan GT-R (silver colour) at JAFZA….cldnt get a pic..
    it was on a flat towing vehicle

  2. Author

    I thought all the ones destined for the UAE are already delivered. Was it newly-packaged or already abused to death?

  3. lol there are so many pics of the GT-R in uae clicked by people. all have number plates on and were mostly spotted in parking lots.

  4. in nissan-arabia i have seen too many GTRs but my bad luck till now i didnt see any one moving infront of me. 😥

  5. man 😆 😆
    this is nothing :mrgreen:
    there are some accidents that will make you cry

  6. man i saw this GT-R like 1 km far…..and the vehicle i was travelling was taking a U-turn at that point of time…..so cldnt catch up with it…..

  7. hey cb is that the picture in UAE or somewhere else?

  8. yeah all in UAE. saw quite a few pictures clicked by random people. here’s one http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c223/atef2k/20080713234.jpg

  9. oh just realized you are talking about the crashed GT-R. no that was in japan i think. happened during filming of TopGear. some one rear ended it with an Audi R8 😆 😆

  10. Hi Mash. Well thank you that told me before to check with the workshop about the strange sound when i stop my LC. The problem was with the shaft as the guy told me and they changed it with new one that costs 8200 Dhs for free. he told that 4 2008 LCs had the same problem.
    Something else. The guy offered me to make a paint protection polish by 1200, of course i said no. But they did it although i sayed no. I am realy pissed off ,But since i am a gay and i affraid too much i paid this 1200 Dhs like a jackass people or worse.

  11. Author

    Well, that was an interesting story. 😀

  12. assassin: hi man, how are U??
    u didnt show up in the last month
    whats wrong???
    what shaft U are talking about???
    and why U paid 1200 for them if U said NO?? if i were U i will make a fight and then not pay the money..they are bad people. 😕

  13. the prices of the coming FX will be:
    net HP:390
    gross: 430
    torque net: 50.9kgm@4400
    torque gross: 53.7kgm@4400
    Price: 237000 DHS rom ALMasood

    FX35: two trims (w/nav…without nav)
    net HP:307
    gross: 322
    torque net: 36.2kgm@4800
    torque gross: 38.6kgm@4800
    Price:(w/nav…without nav)
    Price:(207000 DHS…around 195000 DHS)

  14. Author

    Thanks for the update.

  15. Lol assasin you seem very brave while fighting with thatsit but you couldnt defend your dignity against a couple of mechanics??

    I burst out laughing by reading the last few lines. 😆

  16. hi thatsit(mohamad), i went for ALOMRAH in last 2 weeks.

    The shaft is a connecting between the gearbox and the rear differential. And i think its possible from toyota to call all LC’s owners to check with their cars. The guy told me 4 persons complained about this in just this month.

    The 1200 Dhs paint protection polish is the way from alfutaim to take easy money from foolish guys like me, well at that time i could go to the manager and he might help me alot but i didnt want to make problems with that guy, he might loose his job or make him pay the money. i dont want to be thd reason of making anyone sad even if i am pissed of.

  17. OMG>>the driveshaft???
    this is strange…its OK
    about OMRAH “rabna yatqabbal menak”
    about the paint…if he is the manager!! then for sure he could afford paying the 1200 instead of this stupid fault. i think with this 1200 DHS U can do a lot. Next time dont stand like this. they need U(they need UR money), U dont need them…

  18. Author

    Turns out it’s a common problem with the new Land Cruiser.


  19. this is really strange…what now assassin??? the sound has gone or not???
    mash. what about the oil consumption???
    what i understood is that they have to keep adding oil in the first 10000 KMS !!!!!!
    why??? the car doesnt have a turbo system 😕 😕

  20. the sound has 100% gone,
    The engine oil level stays the same.

  21. maybe the one in the link was a turbo diesel engine..

  22. Author

    Yes, the oil issue is only for turbodiesels.

  23. hi thatsit(mohamad).
    The fx50s looks so good, do you think it can beat the jeep srt ?
    Waiting from your reply.

  24. hi man^^^
    actually i dont 😉
    the SRT can make it in 5 or less
    the FX50S can make it in 5.2 or more a bit???
    i think the SRT has a supercharger, am I right???
    at least it can go with them also the cayenne turbo but of course the FX will be behind ….but at least a 5 liters car can go with 4.8 twin turbo charged and a jeep supercharged is a very big thing. 🙂

  25. Author

    No supercharger in the Jeep SRT-8. Just a big honkin’ Hemi. And yes, it is faster than any FX.

  26. ofcourse the srt is faster than the fx50 in a straight line 😉

  27. man, 5.2 is too fast.
    The fastest car ever i have driven is 2003 v8 caprice. It takes a second more than the fx50, but still 6.3 seconds is too fast for me to control the car in public streets…
    By the way, what is the fastest car that you drove!?

  28. man…hehehe
    the fastest car was an altima V6
    maybe in the future i will drive the FX50S

    my sis was plannig to buy the FX35 but now as can be seen the fuel consumption of the 50 is the same as the 35 2008 model in highways and less by 1 mile per gallon in city driving. and many people when they knew that, changed from 35 to 50S.. so my sis is thinking of changing too from 35 to 50S..and the price difference is not that much if we consider the differences between them.

  29. how much is the last price

  30. Hi,
    I’m planning to buy a car. My budget is between 100K – 150K AED. I’m looking for SUV preferrably 7 seater. Also, I’m interested in taking it off-road. I’ve 3 options as of now i.e. Toyota Prado, Ford Explorer and Pajero. Plase let me know the following:
    1. Are there other cars that meets my above mentioned requirements
    2. Out of Prado, Explorer and Pajero, which one is better.



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