Honda shows off sporting OSM concept

Honda shows off sporting OSM concept

Honda is displaying the OSM concept sports car at the ongoing British Auto Show. OSM stands for “Open Study Model,” and it is supposed to be an idea for a low-emissions roadster.

There isn’t any other useful information available about this car, other than including a push-start button and paddle-shifting gearbox. It is supposed to have some sort of hybrid engine. It might even hint at the next Honda S2000, although we are not liking what we are seeing. At least the interior is interesting.

The car is a companion model for their Honda CR-Z concept, which hints at the revival of the original Honda Civic CR-X.

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  1. No tell me if this car doesnt look hot. What a beauty. Honda simlpy rocks. Honda, the power of dreams.

  2. bad looking car..
    interior is good..

  3. mash, i think you made a mistake about ford fivehundred. the tire size is 225\55VR18.
    my brother is welling to buy it from altayer motors by 85000 with good offers,
    1- 60000km\3 years contract service
    2- free insurance.
    3- free 3m tint.
    4- free tasjeel.
    but now he is confused between it and the croun nictoria.
    Mash, please could you tell me what is better? both of them got same price and size.

    waiting from you

  4. Author

    You may be right. I may have written down tyre specs for the SEL instead of the Limited. The 500 is a more modern car than the Crown Vic, so it should feel better in day-to-day driving overall.

  5. SEL and limited have the same 18-inch tire size except the chrome rims on the SEL as i saw from altayer today.
    Anyway my brother booked the crown victoria, because it has been in his mind since many years.

  6. sorry. the chrome rims are just on the limited.

  7. the tail doesn’t looks gud to me. What about the front view ?

  8. Honda copied nissan antima BUT THIS HONDA LOOKS LIKE A WET CHICKEN

  9. heyy mash..what would you recommend btw Nissan Xterra & Ford Explorer, if what I want is something tat is a pretty capable off-roader (good enuf for stuff like dune-bashing) while also being a comfortable and quiet highway cruiser?? I dont mind abt the resale value or space..I’ve heard tat the engine-noise in Xterra is pretty high..if so, at what speeds??

  10. Author

    The Explorer is the better highway cruiser, as the Xterra is a barebones offroader. I did cover the other points in the reviews, so you can get an idea of how each one is. But the only thing counting against the Explorer is the weak engine, compared to the Xterra. The Xterra also has a big better ground clearance for offroading, as well as the beam rear suspension.

  11. so itz all a question btw “more offroad” or “more cruising” yea?? 😛 ..anyway, in your review for Xterra, you have mentioned it’s engine as “strongly audible” it soo loud, lets say at a highway speed of 140kph, that i’ll have to turn up the volume of the stereo so that my friends dont hear the engine noise?? 😀 ..why i stress on that part and comfort is because, my drive to office is more of a long drive (abt 100kms one way) and hence i prefer something that is fairly smooth wid the least possible amount of engine noise enterin the cabin..and abt the off-road part; during the weekends, i’ll b takin it for off-road drives which will include everythin frm dune bashing to rocky trails! The only vehicle that i’ve found as a good balance so far is the Land Cruiser (the 2006 one). But my budget is obv. much lesser; something like 120K max. So which vehicle do you think will suit me better? Explorer or Xterra? Moreover, are there any other better vehicles to consider?

  12. Author

    You’ll have to drive the Xterra. From what I remember, it used to grunt loudly each time the throttle was pressed. See if you can live with that, as well as the crap interior.

  13. Vivek. You could check out the Kia Mohave if you’re looking for a low priced car. It starts at Dhs98,000 and tops at around 130,000 and comes with a 5yr unlimited km FACTORY warranty and optional 5 year free service. Its a body on frame SUV [truck frame], got adjustable suspension, Serious off-road controls and it is also sort of a luxury SUV which means it will give good ride plus its got a good V6 with 274 bhp on the tap. and the EPA has announced that its a class leader in fuel consumption[V6 and the V8].

  14. will chk tat up boris ..thnx 🙂

  15. that car looks gay

  16. it looks geeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i used to drive this in the 1960

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