Porsche Transsyberia driver hurt during rally

Porsche Transsyberia driver hurt during rally

The Transsyberia Rallye 2008, in which most of the top racers seem to be sponsored by Porsche, has finished its 11th leg, and the Team France is in the lead, follewed by Team Germany. Team Qatar ran into a rock and damaged their vehicle, and may not be able to continue to the 12th leg. A few days ago, the original points leaders were Team Middle East, but on the 9th leg, driver Said al Hajri drove into a hidden pothole and injured his spine.

Al Hajri is currently in Ulaan-Baatar, waiting to be transferred to Berlin on the 25th of this month. Initial diagnosis showed a part of the backbone was broken, which is a common injury among rally drivers. But he can move his legs and should be fine once treated in Berlin.

The Transsyberia rally, heavily hyped by Porsche, started on 11th July on Moscow’s Red Square and finishes on 25th July in the Mongolian capital of Ulaan-Baatar after a total of over 7,000 kilometres.

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  1. this is the true performance of german SUVs when they get the ability of offroading….there is nothing that is missing in this except a good driver.
    i like this car.

  2. lol someone likes free gifts 😉 😉

  3. Author

    Yes, loser.

  4. hehehehehehe 😆 😆 😆

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