RTA now allows you to carpool

RTA now allows you to carpool

The all-mighty Road & Transport Authority has now benevolently lifted the ban on carpooling, to allow the humble residents of Dubai to share rides to work with co-workers. But first, you have to take their permission by applying for a piece of paper that will give you limited rights on who you are allowed to transport.

If you want to share a car to work, you are first ordered to visit RTA’s Sharekni (Shrek?) website at www.sharekni.ae and register yourself. You are allowed to list the names of up to four of your co-workers and no more. You are not allowed to pile in five bodies into your seven-seater 4WD. Registration allows you to get this paper permit, which is only valid for 6 months.

The permit is free, for which we lowly subjects are eternally grateful. If you get caught with passengers and without a permit, you will be fined Dhs 5000 by undercover inspectors. If you get caught with people who are not listed in your permit, you will be fined Dhs 5000 by undercover inspectors. If you are giving a lift to a friend who is not listed on the permit and who you cannot prove to be your friend, you will be fined Dhs 5000 by undercover inspectors and your car will disappear. If you really are running a cheap private taxi to help brown people who cannot ever get real taxis, you will be fined Dhs 5000 by undercover inspectors, your car will disappear, and you will not exist any more.

The RTA would humbly like to take credit for introducing the concept of carpooling in Dubai.

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  1. Sharekni is in arabic & it means (share with me), & yeah it does ring a bell bout shrek.

  2. well 2day i spotted the new FX in freezone today….it was on a truck with loads of new FXs….the car looks really beefy…..i think it will do well in UAE.

  3. Since when did you need permission from someone to help a friend/colleague get to work/home? So Mash, I stand to get a fine for taking my girlfriend out or helping her get to work and back when her car is in for a service?!

  4. in uae you arent allowed to have more than 4 friends. more than that is haraam.

  5. Author

    I am assuming the targets are usually brown people in cheap cars.

  6. Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury – well not all white people owns expensive cars.you are nothing but a racist!!get back to the country where you came from and ask your mother to teach you some attitude!! 👿

  7. Sylvia Smith – How bout you go back to where you came from, considering you cant afford an expensive car here even after being white. Get off ur bar stool and go look for racism elsewhere.

  8. Nothing racist..taxi drivers themselves admit they pick passengers according to their race..

  9. Any stupid can easily understand what is this about. I mean I work in a company where more than 1000 peoples. Sometimes i had to give lift to others because you can’t find any single taxi’s in these industrial areas. Ofcourse i am not taking any single penny from them, How the hell this supposed to work for people like me and people who are living on countryside projects.

    Even i had some very bad experience while waiting for taxi’s. If any western or ‘look alike western’ is waiting along with me for taxi, most of the taxi’s stop infront of them. For small trips like 10, 15, 20 AED they are not even ready to start the engine.

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