Honda unveils 2009 Acura TL in USA

Honda unveils 2009 Acura TL in USA

Just as Lexus is to Toyota and Infiniti is to Nissan, Japanese carmaker Honda has a luxury brand in the United States called Acura, churning out unique cars since the early 90s. Their latest creation is the incredible 2009 Acura TL, and it is unfortunate that Honda does not intend to bring the Acura brand here.

The Acura TL now comes in two versions — a base 285 hp 3.5-litre V6 with front-wheel drive, and the 305 hp 3.7-litre V6 with all-wheel-drive. Both come with a 5-speed automatic and sporty suspension tuning.

The front end features a huge piece of chrome that doubles as a grille, and has apparently become the new corporate face of Acura.

The rear end continues the edgy design theme established by the front. Notable details include the inset tailpipes and the multifaceted boot lid.

The interior is a chiseled collection of shapes, although the basic layout seems to resemble that of any new Honda. Acura promises technological advances within the cabin that will be revealed later.

The TL is a midsize sedan priced about the same as a Lexus ES in the United States. We assume it would do well here if it came, even though the dull-looking Honda Legend (sold as an Acura in the States) is a flop.

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  1. wow this car is very strong!! but not so much with the looks

  2. dayemmmm, go for this over any Honda any day!

  3. such a nice and hot car.
    interior is superb..

  4. love this car,but in its category,u can find less expensive one.

  5. the first picture looks like a Lexus GS

  6. will never be available in the GCC Countries.

  7. hEY iT iS kOOl aNd i HAve oNE iN PAniCiSTAN
    juST lIVE iT IT fAIlS iN fROnT oF dAdS hONdA aCCoRD 2009

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