Yellow Hat introduces Muc-Off cleansers

Yellow Hat introduces Muc-Off cleansers

Auto accessories superstore Yellow Hat is now stocking Muc-Off, a range of high-power cleansers to dislodge tough grime and leave a deep glossy shine.

The specialist Muc-Off products even extend to electronic gadgets and motorsport kit such as helmet interior fabrics, goggle lenses, and leathers. Fast Action Bike Cleaner, Wheel Cleaner, and Miracle Shine are known elsewhere for their bright pink colouration and ability to restore materials to their original gleaming finish. The range has now been extended to laptops and mobile phones with the convenient Optix cleaning pack.

Muc-Off is apparently popular in the U.S. and Europe amongst motorsports enthusiasts and the wide range of products is used by many motorsports companies and drivers worldwide.

Wait, did somebody say “muc off” here? Isn’t that illegal or something.

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  1. take a look at those pics for the coming Renalt SAFRANE it has nissan’s 2.3 engine V6 and has 170 HP
    ignore the first photos (they are for the teana)

  2. Author

    Thanks for the scoop.

  3. U R welcome 😉

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