Open Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport unveiled

Open Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport unveiled

The open-top Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport has been fully unveiled at the American Pebble Beach auto show. It features a removable transparent polycarbonate hard-top roof.

More of a targa-top than a convertible, the roof has to be left at home for open-air driving. The 1001 hp Grand Sport also features a folding cloth roof stored in the luggage compartment that can be opened like an umbrella when it rains. With the cloth-top being used, top speed is limited to a pathetic 130 kph. Otherwise the Grand Sport can hit 407 kph with the hard-top on, and 360 kph with the top removed, considering engine specs of the structurally-strengthened roadster remain the same as the standard Veyron. Only 150 will be hand-built, with 50 going to existing Bugatti customers at US$ 2.05 million apiece. They will hit showrooms on March 2009.

The first model will be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to unknown charities. Hope they are proper charities, and not ones that save film-theatres from demolition or teach underprivileged children how to play the trumpet.

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  1. very expenciveeeeeeeeeeeeeee but so much hot and sexy car in the world.
    i wish i buy it in my dreams lolz…
    best and supercar in todays market.
    buy arabic peoples.

  2. so nice car…but too expencive….i will sell it and buy 115 nissan sunny
    and open a renting car shop and then from the profit i will buy gtr and modify it to destroy this car(ofcourse not the top speed) 😉

  3. Author

    Your plan is too long and complicated.

  4. nice plan thatsit but small problem. if you had the money to buy the veyron in order to sell it, then you can directly buy 115 sunnys instead of buying the veyron first :mrgreen:

  5. guys i meant if i have it(like a gift)…not if i buy it 😉
    by the way CB: am a very rich man…U know…i dont know where to put my money when i go outside…can U help me… 😆 😆 😆

    BTW: the guy in nissan arabia forum “A VIP GUY who has the GTR and bring for us the exclusive news”
    told US the coming patrol is gona be better than LC in case of power and specs…also he told us it will be faster than the LX570 in acc. from standstill and in straight line…good luck for nissan team and i hope those news are true. lets just wait…mash i will inform U with any updated news 😉

  6. also its 100% japanese :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  7. Author

    Hehe, cool. Since you like Nissan so much, I’ll bring my 2 Nissan 350Zs to the Sharjah show.

  8. hehehe …nice one 😆 😆

  9. buy corvete zo6 its better all or us :mrgreen:

  10. haha! 130 kp/h with the cloth roof!!! O I laughed so hard that my eyes are watering! I like Sang Noir better.

  11. BTW, thatsit. what is the accelaration time for the LX?

  12. check the numbers in the car guide…its around 7 seconds…

  13. i wnna see some pictures of the bugatti from the inside

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