Confused 2009 Renault Safrane hits GCC

Confused 2009 Renault Safrane hits GCC

One of our readers, Mohamad, pointed us to this thread on, showing local photos of the GCC-spec Renault “mystery sedan” that we exposed some time ago. It looks like the new sedan will revive the Renault Safrane nameplate for this Japanese-designed Korean-built French-badged car.

The original Renault Safrane from the 1990s was a weird midsize car with a liftback body that never caught on in the GCC, and quietly disappeared even in Europe. As reported earlier, this new model is a rebadged version of the Korean-market Samsung SM5, which itself is a facelifted version of the Japanese-market Nissan Teana, which again is based on the Nissan Altima platform.

It looks like the “new” Renault Safrane will only be available in the GCC, with a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder or a 2.3-litre V6 mated to a front-driven platform and automatic gearbox, and outfitted with entry-level luxury equipment. More information can be found in the buyer guide.

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  1. the sales will start at the begining of september of this year “less than a month”. dont ask me HOW??? :mrgreen:
    it has a 5 speed auto trany. the prices will not exceed 80000 for #1 trim…which is a good point here. the car will come with info. screen(i think like the one in the murano)…it wont come with navy. or even Cruise control…the car is quiet and the gear changing is so smooth..

    this is translation for whats written in the link. 😉
    dont forget this is in AD…

  2. wouldve been better if sold as a Nissan, nothing Renaulty about the car, lol

  3. It is an amazing car, I went today to see the new Clio F1 team at Al Masaood Automobiles showroom and found this car. As a matter of curiosity I asked for a test drive.
    I was amazed of the quietness of this car, the Nissan engine in this car is running very smoothly and the gear box is shifting in a very smooth way as well.

    The interior of the vehicles is a beauty and so specious. The leg room on the back is really big and very comfortable, it has a very nice BOSE sound system and the best of all is the climate control air condition, I would say it has the best AC on its class…..

    They say that the price of the V6 top of the line including Xenon light, parking sensor, alloy rims, screen, mp3 connection, sunroof, leather interior, wooden dash board and 6 airbags, Etc. will be in the price range of 80,000, this is really good value for money and for that price I would say that this car will be a big success on Abu Dhabi and it will help to re build the Renault name on the market…

  4. 😎

    very nice car with nice interior, i saw this car in saudi, it is very roomy and spcious and ppl will love its drive, and its powered by nissan made 2.3 v6 engine.

    i will suggest u ppl, try once a test drive and experience yourself.

    Ill ask if some one help me to tell exactly when this car is comming to UAE or launched.

    best of luck


  5. Please…Renault must buid only city, economic popular and medium car… isn’t a badge for luxuy cars in all his history,
    re-give us true cars logos for this, like Lancia, Maserati, Jaguar or the same Citroen is better than Renault

  6. Hi Sniper,

    I saw some cars on Abu Dhabi sea port yesterday !

  7. 😆 Nice car

  8. Went to Renault dealer in Jeddah and got a full hour demonstration of the Car including a test drive (I am expecting the car next week for a whole day for test drive).

    Nice car in features and interior. Could been better in look (specially the rear end).

    The only concern I have is the 4 Cylinder Engine in term of Power and acceleration.

    6 Cylinder Model: No Problems and beauty.

  9. 😆 lolololol

  10. oryginal safrane 1992..1996,1996…2001 was great 🙂

    4×4, bi-turbo engines, color gps (in 1996 model), 2 zones climat control in 1992, speaking computer, 3 4 or 5 lcd, seats with 14 buttons 🙂
    ,everythink electric with memory, top speed about 270km/h and 1.7tons.

  11. to much ugly, they don?t keep the original lines, this is a cheap nissan without personality

    the best looking, comfortable and functional was the original safrane


  13. Very nice and quite!

  14. People…
    The original Safrane is a sublime car, that’s as much as is clear. My parents have driven Safranes from the beginning and I drive one (2002) myself, also a lovely ride. This new Safrane might be equipped with a Nissan engine and be extracted from a Samsung car; Nissan is 44% Renaults property, and Samsung Motors is also Renault. So, the statement that this new Safrane wouldn’t be Renault is nonsense.

    And all Safranes, from the old ones to this one, have all been luxurous, prestigious and comfortable, so this new one fits very well in the old image of the Renault Safrane. Though, in my opinion the 2nd phase was the most ‘Safrane’, such a wonderful car. I also think it’s a shame that this new car only appears with an automatic gearbox, but that’s only my opinion…

  15. I have a 6v it is a wonderfull car but i am facing tyers problem they put Kumho it is not well allinement and i went to the dealer they change but the new tyers are not beter and i need to know what is the best tyer to put and the car is only 2000 KM.

  16. I took a test drive for this car was good.Is there anyone who owns one of these-pls comment on its performance?also wud like to know if car has resale value.

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