2009 Nissan Tiida gets faux-sporty upgrade

2009 Nissan Tiida gets faux-sporty upgrade

The Nissan Tiida has been given a mild makeover for 2009, mainly around the lighting areas. The 1.6-litre and 1.8-litre engines remain the same, but there is now a new Tiida Sport model.

The exterior of the Tiida hatchback and sedan now features a newly designed grill, a new front bumper shape and redesigned headlights. The Tiida hatchback’s taillight design and rear bumper shape have been refreshed, and new 16-inch alloy wheels are available for both the hatchback and sedan. Also new for 2009 is the introduction of the TIIDA SPORT, which simply adds an optional “sport” package consisting of a rear spoiler, side-skirts, and bumper lips.

Available features include cruise control, 6-CD changer, MP3 capability, IPod-ready AUX input, a 6-speaker audio system, fully automated air-conditioning and a trip computer.

The Tiida has apparently become the top-selling Nissan model in the GCC, for obvious reasons. Of course, there is a reason why it has been on our recommended list since 2006, even though Nissan ME continues to frustrate us by absolutely refusing to advertise on this website.

For local prices, specs and fuel economy data, visit the Nissan Tiida buyer guide.

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  1. nice looking car…i swear this car especially the 1.8 model is very strong car in acc…imagine i raced one(with altima 2008) and i suffered till a speed of 60 till i was able to finish him….my friend can reach a speed of 210 in it….and this is a nice move from nissan…this car is very practical like the corollas and cvics and many small cars…the thing that i like most about it is the legs space in the rear seat…really it can be compared with the old altima…now it become more elegant than before with those additions.
    about the advertising thing…just wait and thy will start bigging U in the future…its the only big site that takes care of the GCC market…and since most of them are giving U cars..then U just need some extra steps to get rid of the advertising issue.

  2. I always prefered this car over the corolla,feel like squashing it everytime one tail gates me!!dont like it at all, but coming back to topic, the old tida looked gud but this looks even better..Kudos nissan!!

  3. any idea when they’ll be releasing the 2009 Altimas here? what would be the price or diferences to the current 2008 models

  4. i dont understand why Nissan ME is always late to adding options in their cars for exemple Sun roof and cruise control are availabe in europe , Us & north america years ago in Tiida but in the middle east they introduce these options this years only (2009) !!

  5. maybe they’re just realizing that we also a car crazy nation with low oil prices.

  6. i hate the name ,and i hate this car, they should stop producing those ugly cars with ugly names ,Like tida and yaris

  7. Bought new Nissan TIIDA and I love it!
    Mine is TIIDA SE, but it doesnt have a cruise control

  8. wow i like it very much it has a fantastic look well i’m waiting to drive it hopefully i will buy tiida sport end of this month. set the cruise control drive long that’s what i really need.. it’s super cool !!!

  9. you dont know anything about cars

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