Dodge Viper ACR beats Nissan GT-R at 'Ring

Dodge Viper ACR beats Nissan GT-R at ‘Ring

The 2009 Dodge Viper ACR is a lightweight track-ready version of the standard Dodge Viper, complete with adjustable suspension and a slew of aerodynamic add-ons. It is also street-legal, which makes it a fair enough competitor against the Nissan GT-R and the Corvette ZR-1 when it comes to track times at the famed Nurburgring. And the Viper ACR has beaten both of them with a time of 7 minutes 22 seconds.

This was reported by American Motor Trend magazine, complete with unofficial video. Assuming that this is not an elaborate hoax, this is a major event for the “crude” Viper, beating out the GT-R’s 7.28 and the ZR-1’s 7.26 times, along with the prototype GT-R V-Spec, LF-A and NSX, not to mention the Bugatti Veyron and any turbo Porsche.

The Dodge Viper ACR comes standard with an 8.4-litre V10 with 600 hp and 760 Nm of torque, mated to a 6-speed manual and rear-wheel-drive. The only electronic help is ABS brakes, which means it takes real skill to pilot one of these, unlike the GT-R’s computer-game experience.

While lightened in weight using carbon-fibre pieces, it still comes with a/c, CD/MP3 stereo, upgraded brakes and lighter wheels. An optional “Hard Core” package offers maximum weight savings by deleting the audio system, underhood silencer pad, trunk carpet and tyre inflator, which was probably the version timed on the ‘Ring. The ACR costs less than US$ 100,000 in America.

We do not expect any sheikhs to special-order these cars anytime soon, considering the local love-affair with Japanese and European cars. Probably a good thing.

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  1. anyways Nissan GT-R is a better practical super car

  2. Ok sure this thing beat the GT-R, but give this a thought, the GT-R’s 3.8 twin turbo v6 pumps out any where from 470-510Bhp, no one knows since engines are hand built nd im pressuimg that figure would only increase with the v-spec, this viper,i like vipers dont get me wrong, having a 8.4l v10 manages 600Bhp..hmm.. so for an extra 4600 litres and 4 more extra cylinders your only getting a mere 90 odd horses..hmm..makes you wonder..

  3. spyke is right. no comparison and no race… dodge viper is more powerful then gt-r. v10 vs v6 funny game or race.
    but i love both cars and wait for gt-r…
    i hope its available in gcc markets

  4. thats a supercar less than $100,000,unbeliveble.its a bargain.

  5. this is sh*t. not because am a nissan fan…
    but just give this engine to japanese or germans and
    see what happens….by the way…there is no comparison
    at all between this car and the GTR…by the way
    some news are saying there will not be any V-spec
    version…they will delay the strongest GTR and it
    might be called the EVO (if not the V-Spec)…until
    that there will be a NISMO version which is ofcourse
    an upgrade for the normal GTR…the coming GTR will
    have 7 speed Dual Clutch…and the HP and every thing
    will be known later…

  6. the Bugatti Veyron has a 8 liters engine…i still dont know whats coming next from the american automakers…this is really really a truck engine…the coming lexus and the NSX has a 5 liters without any forced induction sytems and it might produce at least 550 HP…the torque is very low(750) …compare it with any AMG engine which ofcourse have a smaller engine size…i dont understand whats special…just their failure in gaining any profit proves how their cars are good…and i dont know how you compare them just because it is a street legal car with a spoiler that was taken from an airplane as some people are saying…the GTR has its own segmant…it has 4 seats and its more practical than this or even the vette…and i dont know whats wrong with the GTR if it has all those computer controls…every body knows that most of those who buy those supercars dont know how to drive…so its better to have some systems that can help you if you get stuck in a bad situation…the SLR is the same and it still SH*ts on all those cars…and who
    has the ability to drive those manual cars to its
    limits except the professional drivers and they are
    rare…and as you said many people will still buy the
    japanese cars instead of all those cars…U can see
    how those cars are very good….at least they dont
    have those truck engines…wait and U will see how
    those numbers will be nothing when the
    coming GTR, LF-A, and maybe the NSX will be
    launched…and dont forget that they are still have
    those small engines which cant be compared with the
    american supercars… 😆 😆

  7. Guys watch the vid of the lap and you will see that the driver keeps banging on the rev limiter. The lap would be much faster if he would trust the torque of the V10 and SHIFT GEARS!!!

    Anyways it’s a great car, all the reviews I have read of the car have positive results.

  8. I wont blame that driver. he must have gotten frustrated that there’s no comfort of using a paddle shifter. its quiet a handful when you have to handle tight corners and shift with a dual-clutch shifter system and keep up speed almost all at the same time. and BTW, thatsit[mhd], veyron is from europe. many of the big cars rich guys own are from europe. their names are so strange that I never bothered to learn to spell them. I dont even know how you spell Bugatti(I got this right cuz I reffered to your post). there’s too much to name in europe, so I’ll tell which are NOT european supercars. Mustang, Viper, corevette, RX-8, MX-5, 350Z, GT-R, there might be more which I cant recall but there arent much that arent from europe.

  9. mr. ksport…am with you…but when i talked about the veyron…just to give an example of what the germans can do…i know the car is for VW acctually….but really a car that has this engine size..dont deserve to be appreciated after we knew it has this low hp…i know the veyron has 4 turbo chargers ..but this is not an excuse…man.. i swear i worked for genavco in the heavy equipment know..its not a joke when you are talking about an engine that has a 8.4 liters engine…i still hate those american auto makers…they are still using a very old technology although they are able to do much better…now, they are changing their policies…they started to concentrate on the small engines with a good power…i read in many blogs that even the vette C7 might come with a V6 turbo charged engine..

  10. *but really a car that has this engine size(the viper)

  11. 😆 WOW coll car i wont 1

  12. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: VIPER SMASHED THAT LITTLE GT-R!!!!11

  13. That’s a bad A** car

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