2009 Ford Fusion GCC debut in Dubai

2009 Ford Fusion GCC debut in Dubai

The 2009 Ford Fusion debuts in the Middle East this September. The Fusion, based on the older stretched Mazda 6 platform and designed for America, is a bit of an odd choice to bring to the GCC, especially when the Euro-market Mondeo is already sold here.

Even more confusing is the fact that Ford chose to bring only the 160 hp 2.3-litre 4-cylinder version here, and not the V6. That is basically the same engine as in the Mondeo. The front-wheel-drive midsize sedan will be available with a 5-speed manual or automatic.

Safety features include front airbags, ABS brakes and a stiff frame, but there is no word on stability control or side airbags. It is built in Mexico and will be available in S, SE and SEL trim levels.

We assume it will be base-priced under Dhs 75,000, considering its nearly-identical twin, the Mercury Milan, is already available here. Oddly enough, the Fusion has been selling in America since 2006, and the next-generation prototype has already been spotted in testing.

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  1. wen is the new crown victoria comming out or is it cancelled???

  2. bad looking car.

  3. the front looks much better in person but that chrome on the front grille is just cheap plastic. I hate sedans anyway, so I dont have to bother with this.

  4. SUX…in general… 😕

  5. duh! its a ford…

  6. nowhere near the mondeo in looks!

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