Renault unveils cool Twingo Sport in France

Renault unveils cool Twingo Sport in France

Renault has unveiled a hot new version of their Twingo supermini. Powered by a 133 hp 1.6-litre 4-cylinder engine, the Renault Twingo Renault-Sport may have a stupid name, but it is big on heart.

The Twingo Renault Sport range comes with a choice of two chassis-tuning options, namely Sport or Cup. The base Twingo GT actually has a 100 hp engine, while the Sport gets the 133 hp engine.

More interesting is that Renault will offer every customer a driver training course. It teaches new buyers how to handle their new hot hatch for free.

The car is fitted with independent sliding rear seats or a rear bench seat, along with 16-inch or 17-inch aluminium alloy wheels, and a variety of colours. Renault Sport graphics can be applied to the front quarter panels, the rear bumper and even to the key housing. The Twingo also features hands-free Bluetooth telephone controls and an audio connection box which permits drivers to connect an MP3 player or iPod. Safety features such as ABS and ESP are available, while side-curtain airbags are optional.

Customisation options are rather interesting. Along with the sticker package and other trim choices, the Twingo can be had with funky aluminium pedals.

The Renault Twingo will not be offered in the GCC. The French company is having enough trouble clearing their stocks of the “larger” Clio in this region.

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  1. bad looking car. 😳

  2. DIHATSU SIRION went for Honeymoon with Renault.


  4. beatifull, nice ,lo maximo aerodinamico.creo ke no le hace falta ni un solo detalle, para quedar extaxiado , felicitaciones y ful exitos para el futuro

    david medina

  5. Very nice !!

  6. This car is bril iv just got one in the new gray and I love it it dose wot it said on the tin

  7. im gonna get one of these dood there mint , there even on top gear(cant stop watching it)

  8. Its bloody horrible. You would have to be woman or a gay hairdresser to own one. Buy a real car not a puff chariot.

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