Australia gets wagon version of CSV CR8

Australia gets wagon version of CSV CR8

The car known as the Chevrolet CSV CR8 in the GCC is actually an Australian model by GM-owned Holden called the HSV Clubsport R8. The Ozzies now get a wagon version of the monster car, called the HSV Clubsport R8 Tourer.

Incidentally, the Australian-market Clubsport R8 already has a new 425 hp 6.2-litre LS3 V8, as opposed to the 411 hp 6.0-litre V8 we get here. The new LS3 V8 also has 550 Nm of torque. The R8 Tourer gets the new V8, as well as a standard 6-speed manual, rear-wheel-drive, and enough space to move house. Options include leather upholstery, automatic gearbox, and 20-inch wheels. Don’t expect this car in the GCC though.

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  1. fast car for fast drivers

  2. No point bringing here, hardly see the sedan..
    Probably because of the manual gearbox. That’s why so many M5’s around now..

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