2009 Honda Legend revealed in Europe

2009 Honda Legend revealed in Europe

If you haven’t figured out yet, I work on this website randomly throughout all my waking hours, rather than from just 9 to 5. And on this late Ramadan night, I stumbled upon the European launch of a new model that will be similar to the GCC-spec version. I bring you the 2009 Honda Legend.

I already revealed the American-market 2009 Acura RL a few months ago, and the Honda version is largely similar, except for a new grille. The Legend will get the new 300 hp 3.7-litre V6, benefiting from 367 Nm of torque, and driving an improved SH-AWD all-wheel-drive setup.

The changes are largely limited to the outside as well as some mechanical bits, but the interior is almost unchanged from the existing Legend.

Expect the new model to reach Dubai showrooms by winter. The current Legend is a major flop in the GCC region, as I’ve seen only three of them on the roads since last year, including the one I tested. The new model adds some much-needed attitude to the dull design, although it may not be enough.

What do you think?



  1. mash, i think its better if you put the time too of the news that you post …
    I have not seen any legend, m45, m35 and q45 on street yet …what is wrong with them???

  2. Author

    All flops I guess. The G35 is enough for most.

  3. great car legend, if only it looked better..

  4. assassin..they stoped selling the Q45 since 2006 i think 😕 ….the M45 is a bit expensive. and i saw some M35 cars in the streets but not that much…

  5. I’ve seen one M45 on the road so far…
    As for this Legend, I see so much of the Accord in it.

  6. Finally toyota updates the camry

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