All-new 2009 Hyundai i20 to replace Getz

All-new 2009 Hyundai i20 to replace Getz

Following the all-new i30 and the Indian-built i10, South Korean manufacturer Hyundai is getting ready to replace their aging Getz sub-compact with a brand new model called the i20.

To be launched at the Paris Auto Show this year, the i20 features fresh styling and it is designed with the European market in mind. So far, the only engine known to become available is a 1.4-litre diesel, but we expect the new model to feature the 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre 4-cylinder petrol engines from the Elantra when it finally reaches Dubai and other GCC cities in winter.

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  1. nice and stylish. better than getz. the paris motor show is next month. Kia will be launching the soul as well at the show. the soul is Kia’s version of the mini-cooper and fiat 500, meaning it will have a damn long list of options to customize it. anyway, i20 is good to replace getz. I have a feeling it will sell better than before.

  2. hey boris i gotta ask,do you work for hyundai or kia or sumthing? cos i see you like these korean manufacturers alot, i dont disagree with you at all..I think they have come along way and the models just keep getting better. I too still have my 2004 model, bought it in 2003 tho..santafe with me in addition to the pathfinder. It still runs fine, didnt have any major repair other than the usual wear and tear, the only thing i could remember was the replacement of an engine sensor that needed to be replaced at 60,000km anyway. My warrenty ran out at 60,000 and since then ive been taken her to the normal Emerat station to change the oil and believe me thats all ive been now has over 122,000 km on it and still runs fine..But this again is probably due to its simplistic construction without too much gadgetry or electronics that could go wrong..
    But coming to this car, i think it looks better than the Getz, but in my opinion the Getz didnt look all that bad either..

  3. hyundai-kia offers a 5yr/100,000 km warranty since 2008 started on every one of their cars. OK, I’m not sure about hyundai but Kia offers on ALL their cars. Kia mohave [their latest truck based luxury SUV] gets 5yr unlimited mileage warranty. and thats factory warranty [not extended one from the showroom. I dont work for HKAG. I’m just a really big fan of theirs but not a blind fan, I do accept the low points of this brand like popularity and stuff. Former Audi designer Peter Schreyer joined Kia in 2007 and has made adjustments for mohaves design and of the new cerato and soul. by 2011 all of Kia’s cars will have some lines from schreyer’s pen. Any new Kia is now very comparable with the bigger japanese and American brands. thats just a few reason I like Kia.

  4. iam indian kerala tvm pothencode good 4 i10 my car

    now iam in uae warking looking 4 car iam now happy i20…………………….. okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    by anas

  5. car iam now happy i20……………………..

  6. No, I dont think that hyundai i20 is more better than hyundai getz as because it is not so spacious as getz and getz has very high power engine.

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