2009 Mazda MX-5 roadster gets facelift

2009 Mazda MX-5 roadster gets facelift

The current Mazda MX-5 roadster has been out in non-GCC markets for years now, even though it just hit Dubai roads less than a year ago, and still remains largely unseen. But the 2009 version is getting a facelift.

The facelift is limited to the front end, and includes pointy headlights as well as a re-sculpted bumper. We believe the engine and other bits will remain the same.

What do you think?



  1. i dont know what happening here..why they are calling it a facelift??..actually there is nothing to call it a face lift

  2. I’m confused. it looks like a redesign more than a facelift. the whole front has nothing common with the current one. but the MX-5 has been a vary important sporta car I’ve learnt. If it wasnt introduced, the sports car would have been in history books. I’m not going to explain exactly what happened, its a long story but even though it saved the sports car industry, now, no one cares about it. It deserves more respect than it gets.

  3. MX5 is the world’s best sellin sports and it has got an iconic status in car world…in japan out of the total sports cars sold 50% is mazda MX 5 and RX 8…in GCC countries MX5 is not available with auto shift so ppl aint bothering to buy it…somewhat same was the case of honda S2000…its such a great sports car and still it sold very few pieces in UAE…same time u see lots of SLK and BMW Z3 or Z4 roads as they have auto shifts….MX5 is one of the best handling sports car in the world…also cheapest fun to drive car…moreover mazda marketing strategy in this part of the world is really bad….though mazda had made some of the best sports cars in the world like RX7 RX8 etc. non of the saw the shores of middle east….

  4. I agree with Zao. You can’t call a sports car a ‘sports car’ if it has an auto’…people in this country have become lazy…traffic is partly to blame as well.
    I’m currently looking at a purchasing a S2000; have seen a few second hand, well maintained ones going for good prices – it’s unfortunate these cars sold in very few numbers :sad:. Till date I haven’t seen an MX5 on the road. Has anyone? This is contrary to what the dealer told me :roll:.
    The current MX5 is a cutesy/girly looking car. The one featured here should now appeal to men as it has a slightly more macho/aggressive look to it; also keeping in line with Mazda’s corporate look.

  5. i have seen couple of MX 5 is auh and 1 car had a for sale note on it…lol that was sellin his brand new car after a month….i called that guy to know the 2nd hand price and also asked him why he is sellin it so soon….reason was simple its got a manual shift and his wife isnt able to drive it….

  6. For me this new MX-5 looks very similar to the s2000 for some reason.But like RayD said, this is bit more aggressive which i think is a good step forward. I have seen 1 Mx-5 to date..

  7. Zao,
    I think the guy selling his MX5 is really stupid for buying it in the 1st place since he would have been aware his wife wouldn’t be able to drive it. How much is he selling it for by the way?

    I’m not sure about the similarities but yes it is a good step forward.

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