Mini Crossover concept coming to Paris

Mini Crossover concept coming to Paris

BMW will be showing a crossover version of the Mini at the 2008 Paris Auto Show. Although only a concept for now, it hints at the design direction for future Minis, while gauging consumer reaction to a possible new variant to the Mini line.

Notice both sides of the concept. In a pointlessly quirky move, one side has a conventional rear-side door, while the other side has a minivan-style sliding rear-side door.

The rear end ditches the annoying double doors of the Clubman for a less-annoying single door hinged on one side.

The interior is pure fantasy, so expect at least a couple of years before this soft-roader becomes reality.

What do you think?



  1. now is this a small SUV or is it a mini CUV like soul? its looks more the size of soul. nice one.

  2. such a nice shape and car. mini coper s superb only.
    love interior

  3. we’ve been hearing about MINI suv since long…atlast we got to see what it would look like…looks really nice…a trendy small suv for ladies and youngsters….

  4. Dont they call that a CROSSOVER?!

    and by the way its cute but i dont think it can move in the sand!

  5. exactly. And thats why i think its a mini CUV like the Kia soul or Scion xB.

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