Chevrolet Orlando concept hints at future

Chevrolet Orlando concept hints at future

Chevrolet’s last attempt at a minivan, called the Uplander, was a total disaster. Their new attempt will be shown off as a concept at October’s Paris Auto Show.

The new Multi-Purpose Vehicle attempts to offer the qualities of a car, a minivan and an SUV, all into one automobile. It sounds exactly like the design philosophy for the sad Uplander, but this one is based in the Chevy Cruze platform, and is most likely a smaller vehicle than any previous Chevy minivan.

Seemingly aimed at the European market, it only sports a 150 hp 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine with 320 Nm of torque. Inside, the five-door Orlando is designed to meet the needs of families and those who need plenty of seating capacity with adaptable, theater-style seating in three rows that comfortably accommodate up to seven occupants. Whenever load carrying becomes a priority, the spacious cabin can be quickly transformed into a large cargo area.

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  1. I wonder if the RTA as well are starting to hate the uplander… Its more of Kia carnivals, Innovas and Hyundai H-1 that I’ve been seeing as airport taxi. maybe they’re just trying to save money cuz carnival costs less than uplander and is yet larger. its the largest available minivan actually in DUbai and I think cheapest. or is the 5 yr warranty that they’re after? anyway, this concept looks quiet good on the outside, its little different, a story, for the ins.

  2. they have to do all of this..they are really in a very bad situation right now….i read also the corvette C7 might have the 3.6engine from the CTS twin turbo…lets see whats coming

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