2009 Honda City launched in Asia

2009 Honda City launched in Asia

We’ve pretty much revealed the 2009 Honda City completely already, but we might as well report on the official launch of the new model in Thailand, for sale in neighbouring countries such as India, Malaysia and China.

The new City features a new nose similar to Honda’s hydrogen-powered city car, while the rest of the design is unlike any other Honda.

Powered by a 120 hp 1.5-litre 4-cylinder engine, it comes with either a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed automatic, ditching the previous model’s CVT transmission that had 7 simulated speeds.

The cabin is probably all hard plastics again, but it all looks decent at least. Cabin space has improved over the previous model, and can now better fit tall adults in the back.

Except the 2009 Honda City to hit Dubai and GCC roads in the first few months of 2008, at a starting price well above Dhs 45,000, if not more. Our market will probably get the Thailand-built version.

For updated information, check out the Honda City car buyer guide.

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  1. new city looks much better than the previous ugly looking city…good they have replaced the CVT with a 5 Speed auto….it should be sellin quite good in asian markets especially India though it doesnt offer a diesal engine….

  2. nice car, but rear part suxx, i dont know why they fit the same Steering of Honda civic in this car.. anyways… nice one

  3. O thank God!!! after the pilot, I thought Honda took the wrong highway exit, but it seems they’re on the right road now. City looks great!!!

  4. thr front of this car looks really nice..Good step from all their bland designs..

  5. honda appears nice in good compare to the previous model although its better if you improve the front nose.The design of the headlights and the front grill is not good.It is better if you improve it in the next future year model.

  6. Honda city from thailand?? Please, please,bring in the 2009 US honda FIT! Not the jazz from thailand…

  7. this new City jus looks awesomeee!!…should sell well for the looks & resale factor alone!

  8. the previous rear end looked better. but besides that it damn sporty and very aggressive. it has to sell good.

  9. what is the price of the honda city new model diesel or patrol verson what is the miladge of car

  10. it’s look great…but not see on the road yet..so just waait.. :mrgreen:

  11. Its a real refine design from honda! keep it up!!!

  12. what refined? its agressive from the front and horrible at the back.

  13. wow, juz looks gentle & smart. its simply sporty than vois. good job…

  14. well how much deep u know about car design n machine?

  15. the new city looks great!!! much better than the previous one. AS I know the price would be more or less same as the previous city, maybe a thousand or two higher. Must get ready to book one 😮

  16. I have seen the Honda City 2009, in photos or net. I Love the Honda City. I have already user of the Honda City Series. I have enjoy the driving Honda.Now I am waiting the launching in Pakistan. The price should be little more than previous.

  17. :mrgreen: OH YEAH!!! Now that Is A Honda!!!.. A lot better than and a lot more handsome looking car!.. By January 2009 I am going to buy one!..

  18. hi
    i m Baber from Pakistan i have already honda city 2008 moddle but i like very much this moddle (2009)
    but i m poor man if your firm dedicate me this moddle then i will very thankfull to u
    thanks alote
    i will wait ur response

  19. You son of a begger naton now even the cars??? Your leaders asking for money after every 3 years.


  20. ya..i strongly agree with new design city..the design look very nice..sweet for ladies..hope the price will be cheaper than previous.. i want to have 1..plz!! 😳

  21. Wow’s, it’s look so nice from the exterior. A bit disappointed on the air con compartment (still manual). It will be nicer if incorpaorate digital air con like UK spec. I don’t mind to fork extra money for this gadget… 😳

  22. 😳 i am Dr. M.A.K from Sindh
    Sir i have already one hondacity but know i want to buy new moddle i am big properities and companies in sindh larkana


  23. Honda city 2009 model is very beautiful & nice car can u send some movie of this car for pakistan

  24. IM Shahid Riaz from Pakistan. Very Nice Looking car & attractive front grill! Now that Is A real Honda!!! A better then previous model.
    I alreadey hv Honda City-2007 model but IM interested to buy this new model

  25. I am Faizan it is a good looking and more comfortable car than the last model. And i hope it become more populor than last model.

  26. Honda has seriously taken a wrong exit. After the launch of ugly pilot, they have now launched the city which has quite an attrative front looks, but again dull and cheap rear looks. I guess honda has decided that from now on they are going to give a weird look to every car they design.

  27. Fahad its not only Honda that has taken this decission. If you look at almost every BIG and respected car company, their designs have gone off-key and I am trying to accept it as the latest fashion in car designing and try to get to like these designs cuz I feel in the near future many cars will have these crappy designs and maybe it will meet the tastes of the next generation of humans… 😕 🙄

  28. 👿 👿 im rashid from pakistan i have new honda city 2008 Very Nice Looking but not launch honda city pakistan i love honda 😳 😳

  29. 😛 yap car is so good and we are waiting when we can got it but shoud be cheepar i hop so thanks

  30. Nice Honda city 2009, I booked the new one, it really touches my heart. And off course, Honda cares its customers. Although the price is high but it will suits our desires. I am anxiously waiting for its lounching in Pakistan especially in Islamabad. Good Luck Honda Cars Pakistan (Pvt)Ltd.

  31. Is new honda city has 4 wheel disk brakes?If any one can tell me. 😐

  32. what is the price of the car

  33. you designed very good car 😉


  35. 😎
    Nice Car Launched by Honda , they have to carefull about the price of this car , it should be reasonable ,

  36. whats the price of honda city in pakistan price

  37. I am already Honda user and do possess toyata but nomatch of Honda. Honda is a compact and full of comfort.Honda provides to its customers more luxuries and care just at little higher price as compare to Toyota. New H/City is a nice manufacture of HONDA. Honda Zinda baad.

  38. it sucks to have that 😯 i really want to have one

  39. 😀 honda city very very nics car

  40. i m already user of honada n thats a exelent model and i love that design

  41. A Great looking car. I Already have Honda Civic VTI Oriel plz tell me that when is the new model Of Civic Is Coming. 😎

  42. not baaad ……………..

    em… but a bit different and its interior 😆 😆 a bit similar for civic……….

  43. Well Done Honda ……….. I have to appriciate honda for introducing such a wonderful piece of technology …….. I really like the new honda city 2009 ……. waiting anxiously to own one of these ………. It will definitly gonna put an impact on honda city sale all over the world

  44. Designed well what is its price

  45. most beautiful car in the whole wolrd

  46. Nice Honda city 2009 🙄
    I am Amjad from Thatta Sindh
    good loking for honda city i like it
    per mene tu leli na toyota ab me kia lake karo ga 😥

  47. i saw the new Honda city being shipped out in Jebel Ali at the car yard , expect the new lauch soon

  48. hi slam to every one ……… i like honda new model…its daching ..i wish i can buy but i cant …….
    😥 😥

  49. wow! this car is way much better than earlier model… though it seems that the design is a combination of many other car brand and type, still honda made it “very-honda”! LOL! There is something “Cadillac” in it, “BMW” and “Toyota. Do you agree? Anyways, in general this car is highly customisable.

    I LIKE IT [email protected]:

  51. Very Nice Car I Like it

  52. : 😈 very Bad Car.

  53. cool…this car is way much better than earlier model, hey check out more abt this new honda city at ww.highway.pk

  54. i think the second model of city was excellent as compare to 1st 3rd n second last model ,they were just ok with average looks.
    but the fuel consumption of city is really very good , this is the only reason city captured the high market share.
    the latest of model of city is really very good but frm the back they give some things similar to bmw , guess what? offcoure rear lights n body is similar to liana frm the back.but overall i like this car because of luxurious appereance !

  55. 😆 well honda. U r the best. Its such a wounderful designe. I have hona accord 2008. And its look like mini honda accord. Plz tell me the price details for uae.

  56. i just love this car , plz gift me \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
    i want this car in golden colour~~!!wat a interior ….i have santro ..but i want honda .. c you guyz tata

  57. I strongly agree to the previous views that it looks like BMW .. My dream car is BMW . But I will go for New Honda as I cant afford to BMW segement as of now .Looks Great , if they come up with more colors like BMW blue I think this car sales will be rocking …

  58. Its a great car all the pathans shut ur mouth, for that model it is awsome from anr XELENT from rear

  59. i m looking Honda City 2009, this is very beautiful & nice car. if you gift me then one honda city 2009 gift us. i am very thanks full 2 you!!

  60. good but biggi should be some flat and also curved then ok

  61. i love the all new honda city its great so nice looking and very dashy i will inshahallah buy one after 10 days luv u honda


  63. miss shadia,
    u need to contact the alfuttaim honda dealers for that. and u can get their number from directory services… i think ur problem is solved.

  64. this car is cool


  66. I love New Honda City. Its elegant look and colors are very nice. I Have booked one from Islamabad on 21 July, 2010 and hope to get in 45 days time.

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