Video of the week: VW’s American minivan

Here is an extended TV ad for VW’s American-market Routan minivan. While has-been actress Brooke Shields is somewhat funny, the bigger joke is that the ad seriously keeps emphasising the “German engineering” of the Routan. Anyone with half brain will realise that the Routan is simply a rebadged facelifted version of the all-American Chrysler Grand Voyager. VW continues to feed off people’s ignorance, selling unremarkable “upscale” Passats, overpriced “reliable” Golfs, Mexican-built “European” Jettas, and now this. Thankfully, the Routan isn’t destined for GCC markets.

What do you think?



  1. The Routan minivan is made in Canada. P.S. The Rabbit is not the gayest car, the mini is!

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