Production 2011 Chevrolet Volt revealed

Production 2011 Chevrolet Volt revealed

To celebrate 100 years of General Motors as a company, the electric 2011 Chevrolet Volt was finally revealed. Though the technology under the skin is not ready yet, this will be how the production version of the car will look when it finally reaches showrooms.

The futuristic interior certainly is a welcome addition.

Check out the LCD screen that replaces the instrument gauges, and the iPod-style “buttons” on the centre console.

More information will be revealed much later. For now, check out my earlier report on the Volt.

What do you think?



  1. such a beautiful car… superb chevy..

  2. I wouldn’t mind owning one but I’m scared of the oil barons running me off their roads in their fleet of H2s because I’m not paying up to them lol

  3. O please! Everyone knows UAE’s oil will be over by 2016. these are the cars of the future. And I’d love to have one. But…. ITS A SEDAN!!!! they are so old fashioned. thats the most common style in DUbai and so ‘everyday’ where’s a mini CUV or Hatch!

  4. lovely car,but how much does it cost?hope its not expensive.

  5. car looks like its from some sci fi movie….dont expect it to come to this market soon….

  6. Except that this IS the production model…

  7. I’m sure it costs a mercedes! Lithium ion batteries are da*n expensive!! and that Samsung phone style feather touch buttons are also gonna up the price. O and then there’s the LCD screens. now you see; most of this car is hi tech and electric, meaning replacement is gonna cost alot if anything happens to the systems and and then you’ll have to get qualified proffesionals for handling batteries, LCDs, feather touch buttons and electric motors who obviously are more educated then our current service mechanics and will demand a high income. So not only will volt be expensive to buy. it will be even more expensive to own.

  8. hi all of u to nite i seethe volt in pearl colour is 2 good

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