First Mercedes-Benz S-Class hybrid revealed

First Mercedes-Benz S-Class hybrid revealed

Petrol-electric hybrid cars have caught on the West, thanks to high fuel prices. Mercedes-Benz has just revealed their first ever hybrid model, dubbed the S 400 BlueHYBRID.

Based on the S 350, this basic hybrid simply adds an electric motor, generator and lithium-ion battery to the engine bay that houses a tuned 3.5-litre V6, mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission. The petrol engine produces 279 hp and can be aided by the electric motor during acceleration with an extra 20 hp and 160 Nm of torque. The combined 299 hp and 386 Nm is what Mercedes-Benz calls an electric “boost” effect, offering an economy rating of 7.9 litres per 100 km.

The S 400 BlueHYBRID also features a start-stop function and regenerative braking, while not wasting any luggage-trunk space for the electric equipment. The only way to tell that it’s a hybrid is by the rear badge and gauges to monitor the system. The expensive car will soon be available in Europe, most likely without the tacky door stickers.

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  1. thank god they didnt put a 6.0L engine like lexus and tahoe. whats the point of a hybrid with those big things? hybrids are supposed to be less harmful to the environment. the engines are fine in this case.

  2. nice looking beautiful cars as all mercedes are.

  3. Finally the eurpoeans have got into the hybrid game as well. Kudos for merc, nice car..

  4. that is good, well may be dubai taxi companies will use this car in here too.

  5. dubai taxi doenst even use a full petrol system C-class. And this isnt only an S-class. this is a hybrid S-class which will cost a truckload of money. Taxi companies also have to look into how much money they spend. why do you think taxi companies are taking Kia carnivals and Hyundai sonatas and H-1 vans? no way, they”ll buy this. they will only afford Malibu and Camry for hybrids. even tahoe hybrid wont make it permanantly. did you know Mohave’s V8 MPG is better than Tahoe hybrids according to the EPA. RTA wasted money. :mrgreen:

  6. so expensive;toyota prius better.

  7. correct! malibu also better. cuz toyota is too boring for me. So I vote malibu.

  8. that was a joke man…

  9. O I c. use the emoticons sometimes. sarcasm is hard to convey in text lol. ๐Ÿ˜†

  10. taxi mercedes car never ever.

  11. it is hard to use these emoticons whem i use the mobile internet.
    OK. next i will use (lol) symbol..

  12. i bought 2009 s350 for 450000 so guess how much the hybrid will be

  13. 800 000 and above?

  14. i dont know…really paying half a million for a car like this…i know its mercedes but still…its a normal car…and if it was the S500 its ok,,but you are talking about 350 model.

  15. People in europe demand high salaries and many other things are there to say why the price is like it is.

  16. really…am waiting for infiniti to rethink about its lux car the Q model…its gona compite with lexus LS againest the germans cars…the GTR showed that even the price of a porsche is too much for its capabilities(i know its a porsche)…but still the driver will feel very sorry when a car costs around 300K kicks his AZZ and his porsche…waiting for carlos ghoson to say his word…iam sure it will be something which is unexpected as the GTR. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. thatsit(mohamad), do you think the 2010 supra will be available in here?

  18. i dont know till now anything about the Supra or the Lexus LF-A…they delayed(LF-A) its launch abit like the GTR victory-Spec. but for sure it will be launched here to compete with the other cars in its class… but till now nothing new happened regarding the Supra…but am sure its gona be strong to compete with the coming Z370 againest the german manufactured cars like the Z from BMW and Audi and mercedes..

  19. where is my comment????!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ก

  20. ๐Ÿ˜† are you kidding!
    Mash’s 1987 supra can easly beat your 2009 370z ๐Ÿ˜† .
    Hope you get what i mean

  21. ^^^^^

  22. I have a fair bit of seat time in the S 400 hybrid. It’s an extremely solid, quiet and comfortable cruiser and surprisingly planted in the corners too with minimal body roll. The brakes are really spongy due to regenerative braking technology which uses the energy produced during braking to recharge the battery. The best way to describe them would be spongy initially and grabby at the end of the pedal travel so that takes a little getting used to. Fuel economy is great for a car this size. There is a stop start feature which apparent can not be dis engaged in this car. It works seamlessly for the most part but feels a little weird as the engine cuts off every time you stop. All in all, it does not really offer many benefits over a standard S 350 in this region besides maybe the uniqueness factor. Also, the hybrid power train is unproven in the GCC but Mercedes does offer a 150k Kilometers warranty for the battery pack. They are a great bargain on the used market as 2 year old examples sell for less than 50 percent of the original value.

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