Chrysler builds Dodge EV & other electric cars

Chrysler builds Dodge EV & other electric cars

Lotus, the company that pimps out their engineering expertise to the highest bidder, has done it again. They’ve handed over their Lotus Europa to Chrysler, and the result is the Dodge EV, a sports car that looks exactly like its Lotus counterpart, but comes with a hybrid-electric engine. Alongside the Dodge EV, Chrysler has also introduced near-production hybrid versions of the Jeep Wrangler and the Chrysler Grand Voyager.

The Dodge EV uses a 200 kW electric motor, powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. That translates to 268 hp and a massive 650 Nm of torque, which helps propel the lightweight coupe to 100 kph in less than five seconds, and a top speed of only 192 kph. It offers a range between 240 and 320 km, with recharge times of 8 hours using American 110V outlets and 4 hours using Euro/GCC 220V outlets.

The other two vehicles, simply named Jeep EV and Chrysler EV, are both more traditional hybrids, which means they have an electric motor and generator that drive the wheels for up to 64 km before a small petrol engine takes over to recharge the lithium-ion batteries or provide power directly to the electric motor. These two practical EV models claim a range of up to 640 km.

The Jeep EV uses a 200 kw electric motor, good for 268 hp and 400 Nm of torque, while the Chrysler EV uses a 190 kW motor, with 255 hp and 349 Nm of torque. Since these are just prototype vehicles, Chrysler has not revealed the specs for the petrol engine that backs up these electric hybrids. Little in-wheel electric motors are also being explored for the Jeep EV, that could make it a monster off-roader.

The newly-private Chrysler LLC organisation is doing unique things again, adapting to the new inflation-conscious market in America. These new models are due by 2010, although it will be a while before any hybrid vehicles come to GCC markets.

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  1. Very efficient and effective cars. I hope it will not be that expensive.

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