2009-2010 Nissan 370Z exposed before LA show

2009-2010 Nissan 370Z exposed before LA show

The all-new 2009-2010 Nissan 370Z is due to debut at the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show in a few weeks, but trust the internet to ruin whatever surprise there might have been.

Looking like a deformed version of the current 350Z, the new model is shorter and intended to be sportier than ever before. The interior retains some elements of the current Z, but lifts the entire centre console off of any Infiniti. Also taken from Infiniti is the 3.7-litre V6, so expect as much as 330 hp. Specs will be released at a later date.

The new 370Z should be on sale in Dubai and the GCC by late next year.

However, the car is included in the upcoming Need For Speed: Undercover video game, so gamers will be able to “drive” the 370Z before actual buyers do.

What do you think?



  1. whats with the lights? trust me. I’m no hater of Nissan at all because of their off-roaders and sports cars but is this ugly lamp cluster gonna be their design theme for all their cars? otherwise the design looks sporty and the interior is just awesome!

  2. It looks like a Porcshe. Fckin Nissans. Cheap sport car makers!

  3. very ugly rear end but a handsom front end looking
    but i liked the interior design, it has a very futuristic cabin

  4. nice, but the problem is that it will come at the same time of the 2010 supra which is a better car.

  5. sporty look is seemed to b ok. 🙄

  6. If you guys check the Z4 Coupe (not the convertable) but the coupe version specially in grey….its looks exactly the same….search it on google…soo nothing new for nissan just took the same idea and did it…Too bad nissan…they should’ve done something more creative.

  7. BEST NISSAN = NISSAN 240 AND 280ZX!!! 👿

  8. looks like a baby GTR…

  9. The new lamp cluster seems to have the same look as the new maxima, so may be it is i dont really know.i dont think they’ll incorporate it into every car otherwise they’ll all look the same,lol. And yes, they’ve shortned the wheel base so as to give it tighter handling.
    Ohh and in what fckn way does it look like a porsche?? oh yeh and thats how its spelt.
    Cheap carmakers who gave you the Godzila GTR, a car so technically brilliant you counldnt even comprehend it. Im sorry for those others who think im pissed off, but i just hate people who talk about things they dont understand.
    And another thing, the supra and the 370Z are in two different leagues. Sure the new supras gonna be real nice but then again it’ll have to compete with other cars like the GTR, or other top notched cars while this remains within the Z4, s2000 roadster type category.

  10. Spike: dont think they’ll incorporate it into every car otherwise they’ll all look the same,lol.
    asian cars dont have a brand identity like say BMW and their divided grille, merc and their lights design, Audi and their whole face and rear end of their cars look the same, hummer, jeep, chevrolets grilles. Makes are trying to make a common design theme in their line-up to identify them as uniquely theirs. asian cars didnt have that until recently, like nissan’s SUV grille, mazda’s ‘Nagre’ theme thats going into their cars, Kia’s H-grille, mitsu’s diagnal lines for the grille etc. brand identity is becoming improtant all of a sudden.

  11. ^^^
    totally agree with Boris….in latest models from toyota..nissan..lexus …and infiniti…they started to work in their cars looks so you will be able to know the brand from the shape of the car..even the headlights like merc. and BMW…about the Z…the car is very good from the front and the side view for the roof reminds me with the GTR..but as all of you…their is something wrong with the tail lights…but i’ll wait to see it in my own eyes…and assassin…dont worry..the coming supra will be in the same level as the Z370 and the same power level…the acc. timing as i said might be in the range of 4.6-4.8 sec..the interior is the best…with the special color of the seats…the nice thing is that although the quality of the materials became better..but nissan was able to cut more weight from the car compared with the old model…

  12. such a nice and hot car i love that car.
    if hp is around 400 then that car superb.

  13. My bad, did some searching, and your right thatsit, people are saying that the new supra wil have a 3.7v6 and a possible twin turbo version. So the new 370Z and the upcomin, when i say upcoming i mean by 2010 may be, are gonna have some competition.

  14. 370z vs mazda furai? Mazda furas da best lookin car

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