2010 Lexus RX brochure leaked early

2010 Lexus RX brochure leaked early

The sales brochure for the upcoming 2010 Lexus RX is all over the internet, as Toyota gets ready to release the updated crossover model soon. So far, it looks like a minor facelift from the outside.

The interior takes a turn for the weird, with a lopsided console centered on a conventional dashboard. Expect a power boost from the 3.5-litre V6 that powers the current GCC-spec model. The model in the photo is a hybrid RX 450h.

The RX 350 is a Lexus bestseller in America, but in Dubai and the GCC, it seems to be more of a minor hit as it failed to steal sales from the brutish BMW X5.

What do you think?



  1. bad design all new cars have worse designs than their predressors for example: old lumina, caprice, maxima, Z, camry, infinity, land cruiser, all toyota basically, and cheverolet

  2. I dunno. its brouchre pix. the real thing in official pix might look better. but what with the wood finish? cheap!

  3. Mash i cant agree with u in comparin RX350 with X5….RX was never a competitor for X5….yeah we can compare X5 3.0ltr with RX…but here in this market 3.0ltr X5 is hardly sellin…most of the ppl buyin X5 is a different class and they go for 8cyl version…RX has always been a entry level luxury crossover and it was more preferred by yng executives and ladies….moreover we cant compare the sales of RX in uae market with the US market…US market was always a huge market for all lexus models…RX sold quiet well in UAE market compared to other entry level crossovers….

  4. haha. look at the world map. UAE is not even the size of an indivisual state of US….

  5. ghosts love lexus cars too.

  6. i woulr rather buy infiniti FX;better in all categories.4 ex.,shape,power,sophistication,technology and more.

  7. thats right!

  8. ewwww… the current one looks way better

  9. are you sure you want to judge everything from these ‘flat’ pix?

  10. I think the current RX is very gay!!!…though I’ll wait for the official release to decide on this one though I’ve never been keen on lexus cars in the first place…

  11. well,dosent look bad at least better than the present rx

  12. Hi,

    Am interested in buying the RX350 base version in its current avatar (AED 155K). However, have been advised that production on this particular model stops in Dec and 2009 onwards, the new RX350 would be available.

    Would this mean that the earlier model would immediately depreciate faster?

    Also, does the 2008 RX 350 command a good re-sale or not? Was advised that the base model is not much in demand?

    Would appreciate any advise on my queries.

    Many Thanx – Dave.

  13. this cars cooooooooooooool 😛

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