So we bought a Peugeot 307 2.0

So we bought a Peugeot 307 2.0

After I sold my Mercedes, I was in the market for a “new” car again. I had my heart set on a 2003-2004 Chevy Lumina SS. I then decided to hit up a few car companies for a possible long-term car instead, but that campaign simply ended in disaster, for obvious no-magazine-so-you-suck reasons. To absolutely avoid the horrendously racist taxi service, my family still needed another car, so I went hunting for that Lumina again. Last Friday, after this loser Lumina owner cancelled our meeting yet again, I suddenly decided to save some cash and buy a sporting economy car instead. After searching through the papers, skipping over funny-priced Hondas, Renaults, Tiidas and Golfs, I found a reasonably-valued 2005 Peugeot 307 2.0 3-door. I went to see it and bought it at once. It is not the most perfect car, but I’ve been known to make a lot of spontaneous decisions.

And yet again, I have a car from yet another country. The French aren’t known for the most reliable of cars, but the 307 has proven itself to be mechanically sound, if electrically retarded. So far, the car drives fairly well, with quirks that are probably design flaws rather than any real problem, such as a delayed throttle response and a mild thud when shifting into reverse. It has only done 40,000 km and ever-so-slightly neglected thanks to its lady owner, and I picked it up for a total expenditure of Dhs 26,000.

So far, the only real problems are a few dents and dings, a dying centre-console display and an “airbag fault” light, but these are just minor niggles. The 307 is known to show false warnings due to worn-out sensors, so I know the six(!) airbags will deploy when needed. The Europeans would’ve been all over this if airbags weren’t deploying, like the storm caused by Audi TTs killing drivers and Mercedes A-Classes flipping over.

Compared side-by-side with the class-leading new Honda Civic, this 307 is as expected. Same horsepower, much more torque, and way better handling that makes it worth the 2nd-hand price alone. Notable features in my rare 3-door 2.0 include glove-like sports seats, in-dash CD changer, big sunroof, auto up-down windows and auto-folding mirrors. Rear access is tight but quick, and the legroom back there is exactly the same as that of the 5-door version.

This purchase, even if sudden, is a calculated risk, as I researched the car heavily beforehand. As we clean up this 307, I’ll go over more details about the car. It will be interesting to keep track of a French automobile, and see if the stereotypes about reliability are true.

What do you think?



  1. we tought that you are going to take a brand new V8 X6.

  2. Author

    The 307 has more space. Haha.

  3. french lemon…. oh dear

  4. Nice choice Mash.

  5. nice colour and seems to be well kept, from far atleast…. the next time wen u write about it cud u include pics of its interior too…

  6. hey, does anyone know where to get a DVD to upgrade a DVD based navigation system in UAE? if possible within Dubai, sharjah and Ajman.

  7. Author

    I think for built-in car systems, only the dealer would have it available (at rip-off prices of course). Unlikely, but if it uses a Garmin-based system, you can use their updated maps (sold at Sharaf DG, etc) as all their systems seem to use Mapsource maps. Other brands include iGo, TomTom and CoPilot, so if the car’s system supports any of these, you can use that brand’s maps.

  8. mash, what is the car that you have tested makes you feel that you are a pro driver?
    for me till now, 1.5 Daihatsu Terios m/t. i can control it exactly the way i want.

  9. Author

    I can chase a typical Porsche driver with an Infiniti EX. The good ones will kill me though.

  10. i believe crossovers provide a better all arround visibility than sport cars. and small crossovers like these are cool to play them fast on bad-traffic streets.

  11. man, tire-size is my hobby
    Are you sure that its 255/55 in EX35?

  12. Author

    About the EX. It is the upgrade package with the 18-inch wheels, which may or may not be standard in the GCC.

  13. may be the test-car got upgraded package,
    Like always, infiniti wants to trick people.
    you can get EX with 225/55, 18-inch weels only here.

  14. yes it is 225/55 18 inch…they have mentioned it in the infiniti uae website too…don’t know how that proves infiniti is tricking people, but what ever makes you toyota fanboys happy πŸ™„

  15. but infiniti is Nissan’s division, not toyota’s. I hate toyota! I have some respect for its Lexus dvision but I dont like toyota.

  16. who said infiniti is toyota’s division? πŸ˜•

  17. you said: they have mentioned it in the infiniti uae website too…don’t know how that proves infiniti is tricking people, but what ever makes you toyota fanboys happy.

  18. yeah that was for assassin. he’s a die hard fan of toyota lol. nowdays he’s looking for silly reasons to put other brands down.

  19. O hehe πŸ™„

  20. haha i remember even on top gear they made fun of the dangerous audi TT

    good choice mash, although i always pictured the peugeot hatchback to be feminine…still good deal πŸ˜› congratz

  21. the 206/7, its cc version, and 307cc look feminine.

  22. yea biju car seems to b sporty!! nice!! :mrgreen:

  23. cb, tell me what the hell is that proving?
    225 to 255!!! that will change handling alot,man.
    and do you think i will care about other brands like nissan or whatever if i’m just a toyota fanboy?

  24. Author

    Ok, I just checked, and it seems the tyres really are 225. Must be a typo. The funny part is, that typo is on many sources! I’ll fix it, but I could’ve sworn I checked it on the car itself. There is always the chance that my tester had wider tyres.

  25. assassin there is no 255 for infiniti ex or i haven’t seen it here nor abroad.

  26. hey. idea for the next poll: Do you use navigation systems
    -all the time
    -If I feel like I want to play with it
    -If I’m lost
    -never use it
    -I use printed maps.

  27. Congrats(i think) on the purchase of the 307. It’s an incerdibly spacious car for it’s size and as for high speed runs, quite stable. I had a top of the line XSi(manual) – had to sell it just before i could complete my second year of ownership as I started facing a problem with the electro – hydraulic steering pump(replaced 3 times)+ everytime i went for a manual car wash my wipers and headlights would malfunction. Friends who bought auto versions of this car would constantly get a warning stating there was a gearbox fault. I hope Peugeot have improved since then…

  28. when do you mean by ‘since then’ Mash has bought a used car not the new one which is improved.

  29. “no-magazine-so-you-suck”…..hmm….maybe there is a need to collaborate with Salaam…hmm..

  30. Author

    Faisal, long-term testing is a whole different ballgame that cannot be covered in a non-automotive magazine.

    RayD, please tell me the model year of your car and more details. So far, I’ve only found a European recall in 2005 to “reinforce the sealing of the electrical connection of the power assisted steering system,” but no common failures among owners.

  31. Well Mashfique, mine was an ’05 model that ran trouble free for a year and 10 months(except for whenever the car came out from a wash). The problem I had with the steering was the power assist wouldn’t function instantaneously; it was as good as having a ‘locked’ steering wheel. It was more of a nightmare if your car was parallel parked, leaving you no chance to get out. Power would flow to the car’s radio, windows, sunroof, lights etc. at start up, but not to the steering. It would actually take a few minutes for the power assist to kick in. Imagine if the power assist failed while I was making a turn on a busy road πŸ™

  32. was the steering that heavy that you couldnt turn it without the assist?

  33. Author

    Sounds a lot like what that recall was all about.

  34. Yes Boris, the steering couldn’t be turned at all – as good as having a locked steering.
    The dealer didn’t mention anything about a European recall, just said mine was a ‘one-of’ issue.

  35. If you look at it logically i doubt any dealer would ever admit anythings wrong with their vehicles, but its upto the service centre to do the needfull. In this part of the world i dont actaully know if service centres or even dealers for that matter look into recalls, like the i know the mitsu pajero had a recall for the brakes issue but ive not heard of anyone going in just for that, another example may be your 307 also ive heard of recalls in Europe for the new Tiguan but cant remember what for..
    Dont worry Mash, but if i were you i’d just get it cheked any way just to have the new car feeling.

  36. peujeout 307 2.0 2 door very much rare i have NEVER seen it in the uae i bet it is imported

  37. do you mean grey import? cuz all cars are imported here. πŸ˜‰ but its true. Ihavent seen 3 doors either.

  38. Author

    It has always been available through Swaidan, and I have the service booklet. Peugeots are the last cars anyone thinks of grey-importing here.

  39. just as a random question,do you people think the suzuki swift looks feminine?I’ve seen many swifts driven by young emiratis,customized to a certain extent as well as stock models.So,what’s your opinion?Does it look feminine or gay?

  40. I meant emirati guys in my earlier post.

  41. Author

    All hatchbacks are girly to a certain extent. Still better than tiny guys in big Hummers.

  42. however, i see tiny uae girls driving avalanches and H2s these days.

  43. Not all hactchbacks are girly.I mean look at Volswagen’s Golf R:32.

  44. All hatchbacks are girly to a certain extent. ESPECIALY 307… MASH, I STARTED TO QUESTION YOUR TASTE IN CARS….

  45. ok. i take it back… not all hatchback girly.. the golf is not… but Peugeot are…

  46. 307 has weird electrical problems and this garebox error is often seen. i have a 307 2008 model.

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