2008 Sharjah Auto Show: The wrap-up

2008 Sharjah Auto Show: The wrap-up

The 2008 Sharjah Auto Show is officially over. We’ve already packed up our tent and left. My BMW seemed to be a massive hit with people and kids looking for a photo op. It also got ignored by some people whose egos were too big to look at a used car. Sadly, it didn’t do anything for publicising this website, as most just thought we were a used car showroom. Either way, it was an interesting experience. Aspiring photographer Faisal Khatib took photos of the event for this gallery.

What do you think?



  1. very nice mash 😀 i love the new 7series. i’ll send you the info of the qatar supercar show within the next week.

  2. nice u got RE001 adrenalin tyres….

  3. man ur car is seriously outstanding!!!….a good work….keep it up DriveArabia

  4. it got ignored because its a decade old . Did you really expect people to pay attention when theres r8’s gtr’s etc on show.

  5. Author

    My car is more rare than either GT-Rs or R8s here.

  6. hey man i also came to see the show but i didnt see your car isaw the hydraliuc lexus modified merc cls and even two tone infiniti and the maybach

  7. decade old? So does a 2008 corolla get more attention? 🙄

  8. Mashfique….I hope you liked my picture….

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