Video of the week: Lamborghini Diablo drift

You wouldn’t believe the amount of skill this Lamborghini owner has as he drifts his Diablo on public city streets somewhere in the United States.

What do you think?



  1. was that by accident?

  2. first guy dnt know how to drift thats why second guy on another car is laughing…poor driving skills.
    v funny movie.. :mrgreen:

  3. The jerk spun the car, he tried to counter steer but still lost it.. thats not drifting… right?

  4. hahahaha… 😆

  5. that was an accident not a drift, forget skills, the guy driving probably does not even know to drive properly. was trying to showoff and made a fool out of himself.

  6. what a noob!! it is really difficult to drift in a lambo though…

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