Letters: More social networking

Letters: More social networking

The reason there has been a lack of updates for the past week is that I was working on a ghetto version of a social networking site, so that you guys can show off your cars and talk to each other on a forum, instead of having to slug it out in the comments section of this blog. I have no programming skills, so I’ve kept it simple on purpose to reduce potential software problems. Let me know if you guys are up for such a “social networking” component, or that overblown mess known as Facebook is enough for you. On to the letters.

Bimbo says: It’s nice that there are people in the middle east to have time to share their comments on old and new cars. But it’s annoying that when you put your bad comments on a sports car like ferrari, you tend to say that there is no fuel economy. Well why should they say that its a super car if it doesn’t consume much petrol. I suggest that if you review a super car, think like jeremy clarkson. I think it would help a lot.

Umm…okayy? – MHC

Sohaib Gilani says: I bought an 08 Explorer based on your recommendations. I’m very happy but after several offroad excursions with friends have decided the Explorer would benefit from a 2-3 inch lift in the suspension. I ordered a lift kit from the US. It’s essentially a steel cap that sits on top of the struts and “lifts” the vehicle 2.5 inches. The reason why I’m bothering you is because I was hoping you would be able to point me in the direction of a good mechanic to install the lift kit. I went to Icon 4×4 in Al Quoz (who are supposedly 4×4 specialists) and they didn’t show much interest particularly since I didn’t purchase a lift kit from them and only required installation. Plus they asked for a ridiculous sum of money.Any advice you can offer would be very much appreciated. Thanks for your time I know you’re a busy man.

What I’d have done is look up instructions on Ford forums on how to
install it, and then supervise the installation at a cheap garage with
the printed instructions. Not everyone has that much time though,
which is why “professional” places ask for so much money. – MHC

Rajesh Janardhanan says: Please note that the Tata Indica and Indigo read exactly the same text. I don’t think they are so alike. But I have to give it to you guys, the site is very indepth for a car buyer!

It’s just a body difference. – MHC

Beth Wiens says: Dear Sir, I just bought a new, top-of-the line Camry and I have one complaint that seems small but is a constant irritation. Because of the moon/sunroof, they installed two small light assembly above the back seat. Well the whole apparatus falls out of the ceiling several times a day, especially when any door or the trunk is shut. So it just dangles there like a dead animal and unless there are passengers in the back (who get hit in the head with it and can put it back), I have to stop the car to put the thing back in. It’s a new car. It really shouldn’t do that. Any advice?

Seems to be a build quality issue with your car. A tab might be broken
on the assembly, as the Camrys I’ve seen don’t do it. It should be
fixed under warranty, so I’d advise you to not glue it back until you
show it to the dealer, preferably hanging, and make sure that they do
more than just push it back in. – MHC

Nabil Lazazi says: Hi, I wanted to ask I have a budget of around Dhs 160-180,000, and I want to buy my first car. I saw the Nissan 350z, Infiniti g37 S, Audi TT, BMW 320i 2009. There are a lot of models, I am confused. I am 23 years old, and I want a nice rather sporty car, can u advise me what car to get please. As you know way more than I do.Thank you for your time.

The best value is the G37. The 370Z will come next year, if you want
to wait for that. – MHC

Nabil Lazazi replies: Thank you so much, your website is extremely useful and it is one of a handful sites that give as much information as you do.

Glad to know. Send in your letters through the contact form.

What do you think?



  1. Forum would be nice….. :mrgreen:

  2. Nabil – your decission sholdnt be hard from the options you’ve given. The G37’s would be the best value, probably the fastest out of the lot, except for may be the 350z and depends on which TT model you looked at, could have actual space at the back for your pasengers and give the least amount of problems on the long run..i’d go for it in a heart beat..Just my humble opinion..

  3. A group on facebook would be nice…

  4. Ya……..Facebook group would be the best choice…

  5. i would prefer to a buy even slow bmw 318 coupe to any any g37s.

  6. Author

    While assassin continues his campaign against Nissan, I just checked Facebook and there is no way to post separate albums of your car photos in the group itself. Plus it does not have a decent forum.

  7. havin an internal forum wud b bettr tan facebook nyday!!

  8. Hey Mash i’d rather have the forum like vivek said, facebook just too messy..

    And Assassin you will never be triumphant in your campaign!! 😆

  9. hey people….
    its been along time…yes i know 😉

    mash…its really a great idea…am waiting for assassin to add his own car pics…and the others…

    this thing will bring more attention to your site..good luck…

    BTW:assassin…your name is added to the blacklist in nissan…so no more falafel for you 😉 😆 😆

  10. i just sold my car, that lc burned all my money, i cant afford expensive car any more.
    I was looking for a base altima but since you put my name in nissan blacklist i have changed my mind to lancer or galant.
    And i dont want falafel. Keep it for you and other nissan fans that control this site :mrgreen:. But i dont think they know what falafel is, explain it to them please!

  11. assassin, u sold ur LC?? 😯

  12. Mash nice thinking but for not breaking ur head on forums and all its better to use Facebook

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