2010 Hyundai Equus luxo-sedan almost ready

2010 Hyundai Equus luxo-sedan almost ready

2010 Hyundai Equus
About a year ago, some research company contacted me to discuss the Hyundai Genesis and how it would fit in the GCC car market, while Korean executives directly from Hyundai viewed my opinions from another room, with no involvement from local dealers. Anyway, I told them that no one would pay much more than Dhs 100,000 for a Hyundai sedan in this region, no matter how good it might be. I said to work on building their brand image first, or to create a separate luxury brand for the Genesis. I told them to price the fully-optioned V8 Genesis at Dhs 130,000 maximum. Of course, it all fell on deaf ears, the Genesis costs the same as some Infinitis, it is still badged as a Hyundai, and I haven’t seen even one car outside the showroom. Though it is selling okay in America, in this recession, you’d think one full-sizer is enough, but Hyundai is now preparing an even bigger luxury sedan, calling it the Equus.

The 2010 Hyundai Equus, caught in the wild by unknown sources in Korea, is almost ready for production and at almost 5.2 metres long, is almost 18 cm longer than the Genesis. It will be powered by the existing 3.8-litre V6 and 4.6-litre V8 engines from the Genesis, as well as a new 5.0-litre V8 with as much as 420 hp. It will have rear-wheel-drive, automatic transmission, LED headlights, lane departure warning system and advanced vehicle stability management.

Previous Equus models have been restricted to the Korean market, and it is possible that this new one will not be sold outside that region, where it will be priced as high as Dhs 350,000 for the top model. Considering the Azera and the Genesis already rotting in Dubai showrooms, it is probably better not to bring it here.

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  1. no mash you should not allow like these outrageous priced car in the gcc. it will only rot in the showrooms 😡 besides any oone will be mad to buy these cars

  2. I’ve seen a couple of Genesis on the roads…more than the number of new Jazz I have seen….so there seems to be a market for the over priced Genesis…I suppose the rich people will now buy a genesis instead of a S-class/7 series etc with recession hurting their pockets already….

  3. Author

    …probably being driven by dealership employees. The Jazz was never even close to being a hit like the Civic.

  4. Will the 2009 nissan maxima ever come to the UAE?…

  5. I agree with Mashfique. The problem with Hyundai is its price considering it trying to enter a market for the first time in that segment and giving a price that is similar to it competitors.

  6. The major issue that Hyundai would always face is their brand value and image…something which is much more important to buyers here rather than say buyers in the U.S. The Genesis is a nice car though, but people go into the showroom and say…hmmm…hyundai?

  7. This Genesis won’t happen in rich places like GCC… Here people have good money and usually the amount of car lovers here is much more from europe … So people here won’t mind to pay a little more and drive a good brand than Hyundai … No matter how suffisticated the car looks … These brands are good for some where like USA or Germany which people sacrifice their desires for a few thousand bucks!!! (or a few more MPG!)

  8. ooooooooooohhhhhhh is that a HYUNDAI copy of AVALON.

  9. no matter how big it is & how expensive it is gonna be and with all luxury add ons & goodies if the badge has hyundai well people would definitely think twice.Loyal fans of hyundai would buy it . Think hyundai is getting over ambitious & confused . Better beat the japanese in the small car,compact,exective segment & then climb the ladder…

  10. Genesis is over priced. Even in Iran, the country which Hyundai is the most imported car in the market even much higher than Toyota, it seems the local dealer (me for example!) are not interested in it. Hyundai made a mistake that Nissan or Toyota didn’t. They made a different luxury brand with tons advertising. Rich people will not gonna by a car for quality sake only. A luxury car must has great social reputation also. The best example is as Cadillac is not allowed to get imported here, but when you say I have a Cadillac, even a 1978 model, many people specially young generation, show more respect comparing to many new cars…

  11. I believe it is over priced. In general, Korean cars have improved alot in the last few years. They are becoming more reliable, BUT, they still have their problems as well. If you recall, people used to make fun of Lexus when it was released as a competitor for Mercedes, but now Lexus IS a Mercedes competitor. Same goes on Korean electronics, which sometimes are even better than Japanese electronics. Genesis was not priced and marketed the right way, but in general, Korean cars have a very promising future.

  12. Which world do you all live on? No doubt, it isn’t as common as a Peugo, Tiida or Focus hatchback, there a quiet a lot of Jazz’s in UAE especially the lady drivers with dolls hanging on all windows. 😆

  13. Maxima’s new version won’t come here. You can see new model, once in bluemoon in some petrol pump. Maybe imported ones. For some reason, people still buy the old ones. Go to Nissan Showroom backside parking, you will still find one or two old model with paper stickers, next day it will be gone, third day again you will find a old maxima in different color…and story goes on.

  14. well surprisingly I saw 2010 Equus today along the sheikh zayed road. pretty sure it wasn’t any other brand than Hyundai. I don’t know how that car got here in UAE coz what I heard is that the car won’t be in any other market in the world except Korea hmm…

  15. I had seen the car even b4 this article, when it was in testing or sumthing. I’d seen it logo-less at an HKAG service centre

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