Yellow Hat offers discounts on select items

Yellow Hat offers discounts on select items

Our product partner, Yellow Hat, is having a semi-sale this winter, with discounts on various selected products.

Offers include car stereos that start at just Dhs 199, car detailing products with up to 25% off, up to 75% off on clearance items, neon lighting kits with 10% discounts, 3M Crystalline or Llumar tint with 10% off, KC Hilite off-roading lights with 5% off, and all sorts of other offers on alloy wheels, tyres and stereo equipment.

Their new larger store at Nad Al Hamar also stocks a wider range of products than the store at Times Square Mall.

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  1. Hey mash any idea on how much one of thier “professional” car washes will cost?? Oh and the new forum look nice..

  2. Author

    Haven’t tried the car wash so I don’t know. Interesting you noticed the new link. Sign up and add photos of your car. I see assassin already signed up, hehe.

  3. where’s the forum….???

  4. Author

    It will magically appear on the left-side menu, once etisalat clears its cache.
    *cough* *cough*

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