2009 Renault Clio to debut in Europe

2009 Renault Clio to debut in Europe

2009 Renault Clio GT
The third-generation Renault Clio was launched in Europe ages ago, while the GCC still soldiers on with the old second-generation model which are built in Turkey. The real French-built Clio is now the recipient of a major facelift, and it will be launched at the 2009 Geneva Auto Show.

2009 Renault Clio GT

Shown here is the Clio GT model, and while tech specs haven’t been revealed yet, the exterior gets a new face and a redone tail, with an interesting interior look. The only way to drive a current-generation Clio in Dubai is to pick up the premium-priced RenaultSport Clio F1 model, and we assume that one will receive this facelift too.

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  1. wow! many ideas in the cabin look unique like the wheel for shutting an AC vent and the window switch but somethings shouldn’t change, like the location of a hazard light is expected somewhere on the top of the dash.

  2. arabian automobiles currently testing MG 550 and MG 750 (aka Rover).
    aw rostamani set to bring a new car brand under them.I was invited for a feedback today at the SZR nissan showroom.MG 550 is a good car with 160hp(turbo charged),it comes with paddle shifters,digital speedo,navigation,leather seats,prices expected to be arnd 70k.MG 750 luks outdated frm outside but the interior is pretty gud and it comes with 2.5L,V6,prices expected to be arnd 100k.

  3. Oh I,m so happy with my Clio 197 F1, after seeing this UGLY new model 😛

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