2009 Toyota Sequoia hits Dubai showrooms

2009 Toyota Sequoia hits Dubai showrooms

2009 Toyota Sequoia
Created solely for the United States market back when big SUVs were popular there, the American-built Toyota Sequoia received a redesign in 2008. Based on the American Toyota Tundra pickup truck, the brutishly big Sequoia makes the Land Cruiser look like a RAV-4, and intended to compete with the Chevy Suburban and the Nissan Armada. And then the U.S. economy went to hell, so Toyota decided to send those hard-to-sell trucks in the GCC instead, where things are a bit better. And therefore the 2009 Toyota Sequoia was launched yesterday in Dubai.

2009 Toyota Sequoia

Powered by a 381 hp 5.7-litre V8 with 543 Nm of torque, the 2009 Sequoia is being truthfully marketed as “The Biggest Toyota” and actually costs less than the Japanese-built Land Cruiser, starting at Dhs 149,000 and topping out at Dhs 215,000.

Mated to a 6-speed automatic, it should be noted that the initial models launched here will only come in two-wheel-drive form, with the 5.7-litre engine and 20-inch wheels. The American market also gets options such as proper four-wheel-drive, 18-inch wheels and a 4.7-litre V8 with a 5-speed automatic, which may come here later.

2009 Toyota Sequoia

The Sequoia’s claim to fame is space. With excessive elbow room, three rows of adult seating and impressive cargo volume, this big SUV will be promoted as a family hauler, much like an intimidating minivan. The second row can either seat two or three, depending on the setup chosen. It comes standard with four-wheel independent suspension, stability control, CD/MP3 stereo, automatic three-zone a/c, front airbags, and side-curtain airbags. Depending on trim level, it comes with options such two rear-seat DVD screens, CD changer, powered tailgate, power-folding third-row seats, rear air suspension and more.

The rear-wheel-drive 2009 Sequoia is now on sale in UAE and GCC showrooms.

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  1. drastic measures by toyota or this is gonna eat up Landcruiser’s sales?


  3. why does this come only in 2wd here? i just dont get it. good idea pricing it cheaper than the landcruiser but would have preferred 4wd as the handling would be quite a handful with a rwd 381bhp truck!!! lol

  4. I doubt this will eat landcruisers sales, it’ll appeal more to people lookin for vehicles like the armada or suburban..
    Now that it doesnt come with 4 wheel drive it effectively is a ‘large minivan’ lol..
    But gotta love that engine..

  5. it can never compete wid cruiser

  6. such a big monster. me hate that car…
    big boring car

  7. 1 more monster for the parking lots of emarati villa’s in abu dhabi…

  8. Owners buying this would luv to have the 4×4 version,but why’s toyota hesitating to bring the 4wd along with the 2wd.they have got all things right with one of the best engines .Just hoping to clear the unfinished stocks at first, i think

  9. What about the Cadillac CTS-V launch? How come you didn’t cover that? It’s ZR1 in a sedan, no?

  10. Author

    they didn’t invite me

  11. Rubbish car, yesterday saw it in Al Futtaim’s SZR showroom. This car being two wheels is totally rubbish. Toyota has played safe here, they will monitor its sales and didnt risk Land cruiser’s sale for it…

  12. WOW! First I thought it must be a new Chevy SUV for a second and then an Infinity! As long as it IS a nice truck, Toyota must learn than the design matters. Here in the city I live there are many ugly Corola(s) and Camry(s).
    Sequoia may be a beginning for change…

  13. By the way, I stil think Tahoe is the best large SUV in the world…

  14. I agree with Ali..and 149K for 2wd ugly “almost” minivan is insane!

  15. it’s a big,bad,stupid,gas guzzling tractor.very boring and bland design.i think its only good for americans!!! 😮

  16. You have to have the 4WD model in the area. Just does not make sense! I would be all over it if they had the 4WD model here. I like Toyota AC and reliability, but I like Chevy Tahoe space that the Land Cruiser just does not provide. If the bring a 4WD version to the region, I’m sold.

  17. whats up with the 2WD????? 😕
    i just dont get the point..!!!
    for a large SUV like that..4WD is seriously a MUST!!
    its total rubbish! 😡
    the cruiser is still the recommended one if looking for a SUV in toyota..!! 😉

  18. Dear Sir.

    Can we get a special offer at a reasonable price for toyota – sequoia 2009 full option.

    with best regards…

    Adel Ali

    Tripoli – Libya

  19. I love the the toyota sequioa. But hearing these comments of no 4wd. I mean come on. You have to have 4wd in a large suv. But I am always going to love the toyota sequioa. 🙂

  20. I love the new toyota sequioa but hello you need a 4wd for such a large SUV. I like the toyota sequioa but i really reccomend the 4wd.

  21. I love Toyota Sequioa, to me 2WD is fine as 4WD will cost more and will eat more fuel.

  22. Let’s hope Toyota informs everyone its a 2-wheel drive when selling (I doubt) before someone jumps into some dunes or rocky terrains

  23. 😐 not understnd ????

  24. Hello!!!why did you guys forget to put 4wd in such a big monster.it cant beat cruiser without 4wd… 😳

  25. come on guys ,its a family SUV. you are not expected to take ur escalade into the dunes either.
    i found it to be a nice refined city SUV

  26. we want toyota sequoia 2001 model in jeddah

  27. we want toyota sequoia 2001 model in jeddah

  28. Hi,
    I need a used 4WD Brand:Toyota, Km not more 70000 , Left hand side my price 5000 $, Model not lower than 2000. Who can get it for me?

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