First drive: 2009 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport off-road

First drive: 2009 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport off-road

2009 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
The 2009 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport was launched in Dubai at a quick media event where its off-road abilities were showcased. First shown at Moscow Auto Show last year, this new midsize model is really the replacement for the aging Nativa, and is based on the L200 pickup.

2009 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

The 2005-kilo Pajero Sport is powered by a rather curious engine, garnering only 184 hp from a new 3.5-litre V6 engine, although it manages fine with 303 Nm of torque, as we found out on the firm-sand offroad course, where applying the right amounts of throttle helped it sail through water and up grooved hills, although not much soft sand. It has a 4-speed automatic with manual shifting capability, four-wheel-drive and low-range gearing. It can reach 175 kph at most, although Mitsubishi likes to emphasise its small turning circle more.

2009 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Narrower than the Pajero, but just as long, the interior is basic and styled well, receiving hard cabin plastics instead of the Pajero’s premium materials. Still, cloth is standard while leather is optional in this three-row 7-seater SUV. Standard features include manual a/c with rear vents, ABS brakes, only two airbags, CD/MP3 player, keyless entry, and 16-inch or 17-inch alloy wheels with 265-width tyres. Higher models get a 420W stereo with 8 speakers, auto a/c, cruise control, rear diff lock, fake wood, fog lights, and a sunroof.

Priced between Dhs 95,000 and Dhs 110,000, it is a natural competitor to truckish competitors like the Fortuner and the Xterra, while also overlapping with base versions of the Pajero. It is already on sale in UAE and GCC markets.

To keep track of local prices, fuel economy data and other information, visit the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport buyer guide.

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  1. talk about simplicity! looks neat though.

  2. doesnt look bad…but really powerless

  3. its really expensive than native…with this price tag i guess its better to put lil more and get Xterra….

  4. Personally i like the xterra better,,got way more power and probably better handling on road and may be off road as well..But i do like the styling, looks like a blend of mitsu vehicles..

  5. xterra is 1 of the best rated SUV in US…even the reviews are really great…

  6. A car for offroad junkies on a budget & with a family, maybe? I kinda like it.. cheap and primitive and i would rather take it over the fortuner..

  7. well..not really..I would go for the Xterra anyday, which is way too powerful and strong.. 184hp from a 3.5L motor; tatz real crap!..however, i should admit that it looks good..

  8. A Mitsu version of the Fortuner.

  9. Looks like Outlander. In the stock condition nothing to beat Toyota FJ cruizer, with no modification it is no. 1 in dubai off road. Engine is silent maintenance is zero

  10. Unfortunetly it does not stand up to the traditional pajero , i.e specs , torque , power and look !!!

  11. Looks a bit like the Toyota Fortuner??? What about Diesel?

  12. when the new pajero sport hits the road in south africa

  13. i am seriously looking forward to buy this 2010 pajero sport…however there are a hiccups as performance on soft sand and power…plz advice anybetter bet within the same price bracket..though the looks are unbeatable and the feel good factor when ur seated…


    • if you are ok with the engine noise, then this is the best bet for the money. And regarding off-roading, one can off-road even with a Suzuki Jimny; its the skill that matters, not power.

  14. this is the worst pajero ever, the 2006 3L pajero is more powerful than this crap. even the 1997 3.5L MIVEC had around 260HP,regular 3.5L is 215HP !!

    whats wrong with Mitsubishi engineers, and why do they call this thing.. sport???

    • the torque…its the torque build up that is different…for MIVEC units, the torque build up is rather slow and crappy, which results in a lack of low-end grunt; but they do have more horsepower, which means that they perform better on road compared to the non-MIVEC units..the regular ones, on the other hand, has a far greater advantage off-road because most of the torque builds up before 3800 rpm, resulting in very good low-end power, which is what required when you venture into the desert.

  15. price would be very crusial if launched in india.
    can be a tough for toyota fortuner

  16. my pajero sport drive used up to 8000km ,rear gearbox got noise sound when running speed in 85km,above 90 km is o.k,up to 120km sound is coming,the malaysia mitsubishi send people checking for 4 time,can’t solf it,the technician told me it is normal,why the mitsubishi new car quality so bad,is normal, why gearbox got sound ?

  17. how much price pajero sport 2010 n where i look the car in bandung city thanks for your information see you

  18. Well, I m loving it….nice drive and excellent offroading.

  19. well I dont know about you guys, I am very happy with my 2010 mitsubishi pajero sport 3.5L. very powerfull and have no complain with power and I dont care what it really says about horse power.

  20. I have bought the 2009 modle, I will am not very happy with its lack of power and grear box noise at higher speed, its not coming as some of you might claim.

  21. i loved pajero sport 2009 very much and also it looks good from inside an it is good for family.but his acessories are very expensive. if somebody have a front right door that is used for pajero sport.

  22. I rented the Mitsu Sport to give it a try in the dunes of Liwa (Empty Quarter)where I work as an off-road instructor/guide.
    If I was to rate it, I would give it between 7 and 8 out of 10 which is good rating considering I have driven all sorts of 4×4 in the last 25 years! if you are worried about the sand driving just let some more air pressure out of the tyres!
    the car is the best in its class (price vs quality). To those power freeks, pls stick to your FJs/Prados/Patrols hence this is not your place to comment…

  23. Can any one comment on 2013 Pajero Sport. Planning to buy. Please help

  24. Can anyone make an honest comparison/review between Pajero Sport and the 2014 Toyota Fortuner, please? And is there any news if a new Fortuner will be coming out this year in Dubai? Thanks for your help!

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