So we got a Ford Focus Sport

So we got a Ford Focus Sport

I’ve driven three Focii in two years now, all hatchbacks, and its handling never fails to impress. This time, I got handed a Ford Focus Sport. While it did have upgrades compared to the ones I drove before, it sadly didn’t add any performance bits whatsoever.


For a minute, I thought I finally got the 2.0-litre version, but some performance tests revealed the same performance as the 1.6-litre ones I drove before. The Sport model does not say “Sport” anywhere, but it comes with different 16-inch wheels, smoked headlights, a rear spoiler and nothing else extra on the outside when compared to a non-Sport model. Even the rear drum brakes remain.


The Sport seats have a two-tone theme with good side-bolstering, cloth upholstery and weird rubber stripes.


The rear bench seat continues a similar theme. Rear space is about average, and retains the quirk we found in all Focus models, namely hard plastics on rear door panels with soft-touch plastics on the front door panels.


The unique interior bits we’ve not seen before are the ‘intelligent’ keyless entry and starter button feature, probably a first among compacts. The tiptronic feature only has four gears to play with.


The cool gauges also let us know of our remarkable fuel economy. It seems we saved 25% more fuel than our previous tester just by having the a/c off most of the time, during these winter months.


So the 2009 Focus remains a fun-to-drive alternative to the usual Japanese compacts, with the practicality of a rear hatch and some unique features. The “Sport” certainly won’t help your autocross times, but the Focus was a class-leading handler to begin with.

What do you think?



  1. only aesthetics enhanced, And they call it sport. Atleast call it appearance package or something

  2. The speedo goes to 240!!Mash how fast do you think this will actually go and what that power button?? is that the starter switch or for throttle response??
    But the front looks real nice with that whole smoky effect..

  3. How much is it for?

  4. Author

    I think it is 70k. Its top speed should be in the car guide. The button just a starter.

  5. Well mash one thing i want to ask the spec in the car buying guide u provide do u test it practically your self or is it just info u get from other sites because i think they are not accurate i have 08 corolla 1.8 the fuel economy it shows in my car is 8.6l/100km combined and yours is way too below and so goes with the topspeed column… 😛

  6. Author

    Those fuel numbers are official figures, tested by various agencies under lab conditions. They are always lower than real life. The top speeds are mostly manufacturer figures, but some I estimated when not available. The real speedo always shows the wrong top speed.

  7. hi all
    i interoduce myself here before
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    the car consumption is 5l/100km
    i tried it by my self while i was delivering a 2.0 titanium focus to the customer house driving on 80-100kph and the consumption was 5l/100km

    handeling i will not talk about it…its such a perfect car realy

    come on guys…u can just pass by and have your test drive …feel it, enjoy it, then judge it 🙂

    also test drive can be done at your place..i can reach u anywhere 🙂

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  8. Hello! Good Day~
    Can you help to check what is the part number for rear seat center bolster and how much is it?
    In asia Ford Focus Sport not install rear seat center bolster because cost down.

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