Video of the week: Valentine Jaguar XF

One of our readers, Sultan Ali, dressed up his Jaguar XF for Valentine’s Day and sent us this video. The car is odd and unique enough, for this part of the world, to give it a look.

What do you think?



  1. thanks alot for the video…but i still hate those stuff…who still believes on this stupid day…and mr sultan is a muslim person…so its kind of shame that he did this thing….sorry if i was a bit harsh in this comment…but it is a fact…but over all, the car looks nice.

  2. is that legal here, he might get fined!
    but the car looks beautiful,
    i wanted to do that, but Land Cruiser looks tough, red color doesnt fit with it 😎

  3. That is absolutely tragic.. you know there is something wrong with this world when people have so much money to waste on trivial pursuits such as this(and even worse on valentine’s day).. when there are people not more than a 1000km away from our friend suffering from the worst forms of hunger and deprivation!!! Its one thing buying a luxury car which has some justified use for transportation and even pushing for enjoyment, but another just to paint your car for vanity or status… there must be something seriously insecure to want that kind of attention.

  4. Author

    Come on, the man is just in love probably. I believe it is a sticker layer rather than a re-paint.

  5. its obviously a sticker. once valentine’s day is gone. the car wud look utterly stupid like that.

  6. heeey i know this guy

    he’s car is soooo nice i sow him in dubai and he have a site in multiply where you can get more photo about his car

  7. Im loving it !!!!!
    it shows the man has character…To all you dissers..He did it coz he can. Don’t give that “how a muslim should behave speech” .

  8. perfect dress-up for a car on the Valentine’s day to give one’s girl a surprise!

  9. Very nice awesome and mind blowing !! MashahALLAH

  10. he is Infedal not a muslim he is Follower of Ibless.stupid guy

  11. Flixster – Share Movies

  12. heeey thanx all am the oner of the car

    thanx everyone for the comments 🙂

  13. Author

    Stay cool, man. Hehe.

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