2010 BMW 5-Series GT revealed as concept

2010 BMW 5-Series GT revealed as concept

2010 BMW 5-Series GT
BMW seems to be hell-bent on creating cars that no one asked for. After the X6 and the X1, the latest example is the 2010 BMW 5-Series Gran Touring, to be shown at the 2009 Geneva Auto Show in near-production concept form. As with many previous BMW concepts, the confused car-crossover is a done deal for production.

2010 BMW 5-Series GT

There isn’t much to say about this abomination, other than it seems to share nothing with the 5-Series except for its platform and mechanicals, all under the skin. It seems to be taller than a normal sedan, but seats only four. The cargo hatch can either open halfway like that of a sedan, or fully like a liftback. The rear seats can fold down to increase cargo volume, although it obviously has less space than a 5-Series wagon.

2010 BMW 5-Series GT

It is safe to say that BMW has a flop on its hands.

What do you think?



  1. bad looking car… 😳
    but interior look good :mrgreen:

  2. its like they asked a team to design the front half and another team to design the back half and both the teams had no idea wat the other was doin !!! interior is cool !

  3. Me three!!!..I think the front llooks exactly like the upcoming 5 Series.

  4. Why do they need to do this?? the 5 series is nice on its own, this things doesnt look like a x6 neither a 5 series..
    P.S i dont like the x6 either!!

  5. x6 same like japanies gal… lolz :mrgreen:

  6. after chris bangle left BMW , what has happened to the design team? rite now it’s the worst time to launch a new car , & BMW has launched some vehicle with confused styling? horrible vehicle except for the interior which has got royal touches. i hope BMW doesnt create more & machines which would turn out to be “ultimate driving disasters”

  7. maybe this will be positioned against A7, MB CLS, Passat CC

  8. umm doesn’t it look like someone forgot to build the backside? …or chopped it off as an afterthought, nice looking but kinda ends too “abruptly” for my taste

  9. This was designed under the supervision of bangle…

  10. just cuz its different doesnt mean its no good. It looks good and unique.

  11. “It is safe to say that BMW has a flop on its hands” 😉 … Agreed!

  12. BMW is getting worse & worse in overdoing their cars.. but who cares really when ur buying such a car with its hefty price tag…

  13. It will take a little time for some people to understand the concept of the design and to adjust and accept the looks of these European cars. Time will come and the more you look at them the more you will understand and like them. Thats actually the difference between the Japanese and the European car designs. Describing it as ‘bad looking’ is actually immature and irresponsible. And it will be too shallow to make those comments with just looking at the images. You can never think like an European unless you are a European.


  15. Words are unable to describe or Atobeir my admiration for this giant company, which deserves to be the greatest company in the automotive industry is now also in my view

    I love this company

    dawood moualla

  16. It has fantastic design .

  17. Saw this on the road yesterday, BMW does not want to take responsibility of cleaning the puke in my car.

  18. this car is sick…i have a black one…i love it…it has some balls to!

  19. de best of bmw i lyk it

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