Concept Toyota Camry hybrid in Australia

Concept Toyota Camry hybrid in Australia

The 2010 Toyota Camry will be out in the GCC by summer. The Camry models that come here are built in Australia, and now, that factory will add a hybrid model to their line-up. To celebrate the hybrid version of the Camry, Toyota Australia created this one-off concept for the 2009 Melbourne Auto Show, called the HC-CV.


New bumpers, funky wheels and blue lighting round out the interesting restyling. Mechanicals underneath the modded skin is essentially the same as the American Camry hybrid that is currently on sale in the United States, including the 4-cylinder engine assisted by an electric motor.

American Camry hybrids are currently being used as RTA taxis in Dubai.

What do you think?



  1. hehe. they get it right sometimes but alas, its a concept!

  2. look awsome…. look good…
    but only concept. 😳

  3. Nissan GTR was launched a few days back in Dubai.

    Anyone know the price range? Please share.

  4. I think its around AED420k+

  5. regarding the prices: the american version right now has an offer to get rid of it … the price is around 370K with a 60K km service free and 1 year insurance…the GCC version as i knew just yestarday which am not sure about because i hate it, will be more exp. than the american version around 450K (because of the F**King YEN)…in general, lets wait and see instead of getting slapped by the different prices.

  6. the front looks a bit awkward!!..but funky all round!

  7. Why does it reminds me of an alien face… but i like the spoiler.. and @ BJD(Boris).. its a concept, based on what you think its arround 420K+… 😎

  8. In which month of 2009 this Camry 2010 will launch in Dubai any idea ???

  9. @ Uzair…you can ask the dealer… 😆 😆 😆

  10. I like this car

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