Brabus G V12 S Biturbo is most powerful 4x4 ever

Brabus G V12 S Biturbo is most powerful 4×4 ever

Brabus G V12 S Biturbo
Mercedes-Benz tuning specialist Brabus has gone ahead and created, according to them, the most powerful offroader ever. The Brabus G V12 S Biturbo, based on the G-Wagen, is exclusively available in 5-door form, and is powered by a BRABUS SV12 S engine, as found in the German tuner’s super-sedans.

Brabus G V12 S Biturbo

Brabus is apparently recognized by the German Vehicle Registration Agency as a vehicle manufacturer, so it is classified as a production vehicle. The G-Class-based Brabus G V12 S Biturbo comes with the V12 Biturbo engine from the latest Mercedes S 600. Before being transplanted in the engine bay of the G-Class, displacement of the 3-valve engine is increased from 5.5 to 6.3 litres using a special crankshaft with longer stroke, larger cylinders and larger bore. In addition, the cylinder heads are re-machined and fitted with special camshafts. The engine peripherals were upgraded with larger turbochargers, an optimized intercooling system and a stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system with free-flow metal catalysts. The exahust was custom-developed for the G-Class and features dual chrome-plated tailpipes that exit in front of the rear wheels on the left and right side. New precision mapping for the engine electronics coordinate the interaction of all new components. The result is 700 hp at 5100 rpm and a peak torque of 1320 Nm at 2100 rpm. However, peak torque is electronically limited to 1100 Nm, to save the 5-speed automatic gearbox.

Brabus G V12 S Biturbo

The Brabus G V12 S Biturbo offers 0-100 kph acceleration in just 4.3 seconds. Top speed is limited electronically to 240 kph. Without the self-imposed limit, the G could reach 260 kph.

Special features include BRABUS Monoblock 21-inch wheels, 295/40 R 21 tyres, custom suspension, front apron with LED running lights, unique rear bumper, illuminated running boards, and more.

The interior includes a sport steering wheel, a 280 kph speedometer scale, stainless-steel scuff plates with illuminated BRABUS logo and a handcrafted leather interior.

Brabus G V12 S Biturbo

Upon customer request, BRABUS can transform the SUV into a functional all-terrain office on wheels or can integrate a custom-tailored high-tech multimedia system with state-of-the-art communication technology, DVD changer, DVBT TV tuner, game console and eight-inch LCD screens in the back of the front headrests, with infrared headphones.

This insane 4×4 has a starting price of 379,000 euros in Europe. That would be more than Dhs 1 million in Dubai.

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  1. the front end looks oddly ugly…I’d take the G55 over this anytime…

  2. haha. frnt end is a laugh! the whoel thing is pointles…

  3. Dis thing has got class…i love it…

  4. Peal Torque at 2100rpm!!! That’s insane! 😆

  5. i love this car but i like G55 AMG more ( cuz its simple )

  6. the front part is not that beautiful as the original G55

  7. This car is just for bragging rights issue.

    But a G55 is more than enough car. You feel you are a king driving it where you see every other car is below you 😀

    I sat in the G-class it cramped inside and it has a weight driving position as if you sitting straight in computer chair rather than layed back

  8. This thing is a Beast!!

  9. this is a beast..and should look ugly…Although i personaly like the looks it should be bonkers..wild looking car 😉

  10. too much ugly car….
    me dnt like it…

  11. Thats a beast, and theres no problem for it being so ugly, thats a compliment.

  12. evn b4 u complete sayin the word ‘ugly’ it’ll leave u in it’s dust…deadly stuff!…

  13. a 6.3 engine sounds amazing but the body boring better u get this engine for the normal G class that w ill make it a G63 and it will look and drive amazing!!!!! aSO WAT U GUYS SAY ABOUT MMY OPINION?

  14. I LOVE Brabus G V12 S Biturbo is most powerful 4×4 ever

  15. i was dreaming about this in SWB form ,that would be deadly , i wont be suprised if we found one on our roads .

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