So we got a refreshed Peugeot 407

So we got a refreshed Peugeot 407

The last time we drove a Peugeot 407, it was 2005, and it was our second ever official test car. It was a 2.0-litre version, and while we didn’t do performance tests back then, it didn’t take a rocket-scientist to figure out that it was a slow car. Fast-forward to 2009, and the 407 has received a tiny facelift, and this time we got a 2.2-litre version. It really is a better car.


Four years after its release, the 407 still manages to look different from the crowd. Just look at how many cars have pointy headlights now, including our Chevy Traverse tester. And yet, the 407 retains its special feline looks, with a bumper-mounted grille and long front-end.


It is impossible to spot the changes up front. I believe there is possibly a bit more chrome on the grille. Maybe the rubber side-strips have been painted. But largely, the car is unchanged. And the front doors remain huge.


The rear simply has white indicator lamps instead of red ones in the previous model.


Our tester’s interior looked interesting, going for a unique gloss-black centre-console design. Combined with the tan interior and wood trim, the entire setup looked classy, especially thanks to generous use of premium materials. The multimedia/nav screen had an attractive graphical interface too.


Like any of today’s midsizers, the luggage boot area is generous, but a Peugeot specialty is big gloveboxes, and the 407 is no exception. A few large water-bottles can be stuffed in there. And even the glovebox cover has soft-touch materials on it.


The coupe-like styling results in rear space comparable to that of some growing compact cars. Today’s oversized Japanese midsize sedans offer more space.


We liked the addition of the simple manually-operated rear sunshade.


In this competitive segment, the 407 is aging well. It also continues to handle like a sports car. This unique car has never sold well, but that just makes it stand out more.

What do you think?



  1. What I love about this car is the front passenger leg room…that’s why I prefer sitting in the front whenever I travel in my friends one…the rear is just too cramped up…

  2. the last time I sat in one (2006), the a/c was pathetic!! with the outside temperature being only at 40 degrees, the car’s a/c was at full blast and it was not able to cool down the interiors even after a couple of hours! We were on a long drive to abu dhabi then…the car was brand new; not sure if all 407’s had the same kinda a/c!

  3. french lemon…. do not buy

  4. PointLEss car StIll bad LooKIng nOT weLL propORtionEd … 😥

  5. huge front overhang lol!

  6. it does stand out of the crowd, but the styling is rather weird than something special!!..handling part is superb, but thn wotz the point in havin a car with too many blind spots coz of weird shape & a pathetic a/c?? reliability, however, is good i guess; my friend has hardly had any problems with the car except for some weird noise that came whenevr the steering wheel is turned to either of the sides and again some weird noise frm the front suspensions both of whch were fixed under warranty…the car hasnt been used much though wid only a little ovr 55k on the odo since 2006..

  7. really good driving feel, the tiptronic is also a joy!

  8. My friend at the company bought a new one like this … its nice car, once you get in it, you’ll forget all about the flaws people above are mentioning, also about the AC,, im sure there was something wrong with your AC dear vivek…!!! 😎

  9. This vehicle still seems impressive one for me.
    Unlike her successor the 508,her design cues represent virile image,albeit her accomodation is below average for body size(bulkier than the likes of Mercedes C-class and BMW 3-series).
    Her V6 unit pulls 1.7-tonnes hefty curb weight up to 250-260km/h district,much above 235km/h data from manufacturer,on long-long straight line combined with respectable stability,hence her V6 3.0-litres(XU94S) unit is a gem in my notion.

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