Tata Nano Europa shows up at Geneva

Tata Nano Europa shows up at Geneva

Tata Nano Europa
Tata always intended to sell a “proper” version of the tub-on-wheels Nano in European countries. The fact that the upgraded version actually looks nice is always a good sign that it might do well.

Tata Nano Europa

The Tata Nano Europa debuted at the 2009 Geneva Auto Show. While details are still sketchy on this prototype, the Nano Europa is supposed to have airbags, stability control, 14-inch alloy wheels and real brakes. But price is expected to jump to above $6000, which is a fair bit higher than the $2500 basic Indian version.

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  1. car looks gorgeous…wud take the smart car for a ride i shud think…especially with the pricing! looks better than the smart too i shud think…but ya limited market in the UAE for sures…i mean u cud drive over it with an SUV 😆

  2. this thing looks nyce….
    but i wonder how will it be to own one here….
    and then the reliability….

  3. wtf?? ugly looking car… tata worst 😳

  4. well very good but above $6000 why while the indian version is without airbags ac is optional

  5. ok, this looks much better.

  6. not bad…but I’d never want to be in one in the UAE…

  7. Looks better than the indian version, might suite the european market just fine i guess..

  8. looks great…i liked the rear and front lights… but its very small for a tall guy like me..

  9. wonder wat will west cost customs do wth this? 😛

  10. As I heard from trustable person, Tata nano is the best way to reduce the population in India, that’s why the Indian version will not have safety systems.

  11. in general i guess the design looks good…mite even look good on the roads of dubai…but then again u dont see too many smart cars here…so i guess ppl here love their SUVs too much

  12. another indian car…. it will fail

  13. i can run over it with my Mazda 😆 …but tis one looks good for sure…and ofcourse, better specs too than the Indian version..

  14. Super mini are not my cup of tea. But a great looking car. Way to go TATA! 😛

  15. God! one nice innovation! and ppl are cribbing about safety… You know what the europa version has all the safety standards of big cry baby europe! Where is the safety in motor bikes? but u still ride it! sweet car! I would buy it anyday 😀 why pay 4 times more for a small car in europe just to make a ride to office! TATA NANO rules! Its going to be a big hit no doubt!

  16. The car has the same design but has a sporty feel to it. To begin with the Nano Europa is larger and wider than its Indian brother. The rear is different in shape. And different 14 inch tyres will be provided in this machine. For More Info Read over here on Tata Nano Europa

  17. very nice, but i heard there is no A/C inside , is it true and no airbags?

  18. Author

    Correct, at least for the Indian version. The Euro one remains to be seen.

  19. this car is good only for indian and china and malasia, maybe indonesia, but other than that its an awful car… the photo shown here are for teasing only, the real production version is awful..

  20. it’s a nice looking car 😛 & it’s suitable for small family & i am sure that it will be preffered by all 😉

  21. this is brilliant! why cant they mass produce it for india too ? gone are the days of gas guzzlers – welcome to small world, with a lesser carbon footprint. it would serve us well to live within our means, and small cars are here to stay!

  22. It will never work in the UAE. The SMART was bought by people over here as a fashion statement rather than convinience.

  23. i wish to own 1 unit in malaysia..but to bad no launching in malaysia…

  24. I hope that Tata Nano europen version will come to the Philippines. I believe that if they will introduce it here, many Filipinos can afford to buy that, and I’m very sure it is so very saleable and I will try to become their salesman. I know I can sell plenty of that.

  25. I gotta admit, it look genuine.. Its a matter of time and the world will be filled with compact cars..

  26. & also a matter of time for people to start getting over their egos and start driving cars they can really afford…

  27. let tata nano exist here in UAE so that we can try ii if its good to ride. tata nano company come and sell your vehicle here in UAE. and why not???

  28. why tata motors launch the uglier model of nano in india??tata motors disappoint indian people with the ugly sound of nanao…

  29. Nice car for city use or day to day use. Easy handling for ladies and elder people. Tata should introduce the electric version.

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