Peugeot 206+ facelifted, refuses to die

Peugeot 206+ facelifted, refuses to die

2009 Peugeot 206+
The striking Peugeot 206 first debuted sometime back in 1999, if I remember correctly. The quick-handling hatchback looked good then and it still looks good today. Its replacement, the 207, was launched more than a year ago, but Peugeot decided to continue 206 production side-by-side since it continued to be popular. In a sign that the 206 is not going away anytime soon, Peugeot has done the unthinkable, facelifting an obsolete model. It is now called the Peugeot 206+, and it debuted at the 2009 Geneva Auto Show.

2009 Peugeot 206+

Available in 3-door and 5-door trims, petrol engines include a 60 hp 1.1-litre and a 75 hp 1.4-litre, both 4-cylinder units. Changes include reshaped bumpers, front fenders and all lights. It is possible this new model will debut in Dubai and the GCC by the end of this year, to fill up rental fleets.

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  1. looks really good…although its a bit like it was before…the choises of engines are not that good..but since its a hatch back, then why not??? the fuel cons. for sure will be very low…

  2. seems like they pasted a 3007 front end on it!!! 🙄

  3. Peaguot is going down nobody wanna buy a small car that breaks down pretty quick

  4. i bought a new pg 206mi like it in the begenin but after with dubai wether verry windy i feel my car not that much strong im going right & lefht.

  5. Looks really good. I’ll definitely try and upgrade from my old 206 to this new one when it is finally launched. Good one Peugeot.

  6. Where is this car manufactured for the middle east markets? Heard it’s iranian

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