2010 Lexus RX 350 launched in UAE

2010 Lexus RX 350 launched in UAE

It would seem the Lexus has launched their girly new SUV in Dubai, the 2010 RX350, and did not even tell us. While us being kept in the dark for various products is only getting worse, I heard elsewhere that they plan to target this one towards women, so any men out there who thought about buying an RX — you’ve been warned.

The new GCC-spec 2010 model, launched in March 2009 in the UAE, is powered by a 275 hp 3.5-litre V6, mated to a 6-speed automatic and all-wheel-drive. It can seat five, has 10 standard airbags, and comes with a variety of electronic nannies to keep you from enjoying the drive. To see more photos, see our earlier report on the RX350.

For prices and specs, visit the Lexus RX 350 car buyer guide.

What do you think?



  1. i saw yesterday on the road it looks worst from back the old one was better

  2. i saw it on the showroom, and it looks rather good from the back and side…only the frontend ruins the looks of this nice lookin Crossover/SUV…

  3. Though I would never fall in love with any crossover, but this RX350 ispired me.
    Can’t wait till tomorrow to see it on the showroom!
    Nice piece of work for those who care about the art!

  4. ugly car with bad shape… hate rx 😳

  5. ugly as before nothing is change stupid lexus and toyota designers..

  6. 20%improved but 20% deproved by shape

  7. loooooooooool mash…

    “and comes with a variety of electronic nannies to keep you from enjoying the drive”

    the car is a typical lexus…the shape looks normal…i feel the changes are not that much..the trany is good..but the engine is a bit poor for a crossover..
    good luck lexus…

  8. mainly targeted at women!!! hahahaha.My manager should see this.

    btw they should have a “pink” colour option to attract the ladies. That said, i’ve seen a pink landcruiser and nissan patrol roaming about in qatar and it was driven by no woman.Urggghhhhhhhh

  9. pink seems to be catching on with men as well. which is crappy… these guys prob’ly played with barbies… i’ve seen a pink patrol too with pink and white ins.

  10. Boris some football team from Italy wear pink but that is not our topic.

    Looks like the crediet crunch even effected on the ads for cars.

    Let go on a e-riot strike on car prices:

  11. tried to carry the lexus lx design onto this..didn’t work 🙄

  12. One of the greatest car the Lexus launch this year. this is not only for ladies but for man as well(you can see it in there tv Ad at their website), I was there when they launch it and i am really impressed on how this SUV became the most advanced among its competitors. you can check their micro site for the details of its new technology. I will buy this car for sure. 😉

  13. 😳 car designer without mind, please use mind when u designe car.

  14. The car is great with minor issue. The gear box appearance in the front cabinet. and the gear liver place.

    The price is awful you can get the full premium option worth 220,000 AED with only 185,000 AED from USA including the tax.

    The dealer is a big thief here in the UAE.

  15. Where can i find Venza in Dubai? Please Helppppp 😐

  16. Venza is not yet launched in the UAE

  17. sen me a price

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