Offroad-Zone in Dubai offers desert & offroad play

Offroad-Zone in Dubai offers desert & offroad play

An outfit called OffRoad-Zone, based in the Al Quoz area of Dubai known for off-road modification services, is now offering a new set of activities for 4×4 owners, allowing people to safely try out different types of off-road driving situations.

First is the launch of “OffRoad-Drive” 4×4 testing facility at the Jebel Ali International Shooting Club, letting drivers improve their off-road abilities in deep water areas, soft sand, vertical hills, circular ramps and large logs and rocks. The purpose-built course uses new 4x4s provided by Offroad-Zone’s own rent-a-4WD division. It is available for corporate or group events.

The “OffRoad-Drive” course was apparently designed by DaimlerChrysler and used to launch the Mercedes-Benz GLK apparently. It was also used for the new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport launch, which is when we briefly had a go at it.

OffRoad-Zone will also now organize free monthly off-road desert trips for their own customers, with convoys on predetermined routes. Off-road vehicles can be rented from the company itself. Please call 04-392449 for more details.

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  1. Cool, I think I going to try it this summer

  2. Now..thats a wonderful wonderful news…time to try out real stuff under proper guidance. 😛

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